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Playboy Poker closes again  +1   
This was an unsuccessfull resurrection. The Playboy Poker room, this time on the Ongame network, will close down July 27th 2015, after less then 2 years online. The original Playboy Poker was part of the Cryptologic network, and closed, when that network folded.

Again? lol That must be real bad for them. Since they have given a date for their closure,
i want to believe that they will pay customers money first.
I wonder why they tried for a second time anyway.

Looks like they are planning to pay out the remaining players. They are not in the Revolution network. Blink

For the second try: I guess the brand name was tempting, but the choice of the network was flawed from the start.

The idea with the name Playboy are really good, but i think they have needed a new software not a network and a lot of promo offers. Only to use the name are not enough, there are a lot of another rooms in the same network, but where are the different between this rooms?

Well, there were not enough playboys playing on the website obviously. Also I am not sure is there anything which could be sold off anymore with the tag 'playboy' on it since even the Hugh Hefner established media empire has become an obsolete entity, they have less and less revenue every year.

This is not a site I have ever played at but I just don't think any small site can compete against the few big boys now.I used to play at red kings which used the Ongame software and quite liked it but there was just not enough games available.

No wonder it closed, I did not even know it existed.... Blink

Seems like some rooms have no long term plan. They just hope people will come to play on their site no one knows about. They should offer no deposit bonuses, deposit promotions, good customer support, simple cashout, and build a player base with better rakes than their competitors... Instead they try to make us play on their sites with 10 euro freerolls. Like that's gonna make us install a new program Shock Of course they won't make profit in the first few years, just like almost any other business. They just need a long term plan.

With the bonuses and other promos you are right. But the basis of a successfull room is to join a good network. And i have my doubts, if Ongame was such a good choice. After bwin parted to merge with Party, this network is only a shell of its former self.

I dont think that the name has anything to do with a poker site.
Its all about what the site offers at the end.
They can rename poker stars to "the most crappy site ever" Smile Do you think that it will have a big
impact in their business? Smile

Hey mober.....If I see an advert asking me to join the crappiest poker site ever I would probably avoid it.... Smile but then again I have seen plenty of "rigtards" who abuse the site yet they keep playing there so maybe there is logic to your theory. Smile
I have also noticed that new sites that offer good freerolls and bonuses are just plagued by cheats,multi accounters or just players who will never deposit.Maybe the way to go is a site on a top network who only cater to players that do spend money and want to be looked after as a VIP but at medium stakes with the hope of them progressing to higher stakes. Question

The key problem is, who will inject new money into the poker economie. The sites want to make money, the established players want to make money, so someone has to bring in new money every month. But there are not enough new fish willing to swim in those waters.

It is hard even finding a good pattern today fro opening a successful poker site.
Besides the money which is the most important thing, at first you will have to give more, tahn usual,
like freerolls and deposit offers.
But when the word is out, all the freerollers go there to try their luck.
These players will only cash out, or start to play with that money in real tables.
If you dont manage to get players to deposit, then the game is lost.
And there is also the trust on a new site which limits deposits.
Topping that with new laws and regulations........

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