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Why is that so ?!?!  0   
Amm i seriously am tired of that what does PS do to me ... It will never end ...

So i have a question to all the mobsters in here , does anybody of you have the problem that i do ...

Playing tournaments all kind of them max buy in 1.10 , and around the midle stage all goes good , hands are coming , game is on .... When it comes closer to the paid places from time to time the hands runs into my hands , and when there is already deep game no hands at all , just like i wouldn't even exist in the tournament ... All in the end i get my money back and a 1$ or a bit more for my efforts..

And then i want to shoot my self as i would be able to make more or maybe loose , but in a cash game table or sng , without spending around 2 or more hours by playing tournaments ...

Although a little hard to understand Cool i do get what your saying here.
This kind of thing happens at all sites , not just stars.
sometimes i go card dead for about an hour.
can't even hit a fkn pair.
but if you wait sooner or later the cards change, and things start going your way. Thumbs Up

good luck at you games. Worship

And a $1.10 buyin is not worth shooting yourself. Confused

Yeah maybe i am not able to speak out correctly ... But the thing is in that i do wait for a long long time but in the end i woke up with a stack of 26k when the blinds are 3000/6000 i am holding J7 off in small blind and there is no action before me so i shove , get called by K5 off by a short stack as well and he does hit ... All good of course he had the best hand i had worst ... Mostly in this stage i have like K10 off or JQ off in the best situation , and even then someone shoves before me with a stack above the avarage , that makes me fold my hand .... It's like i don't really have any good chance to shove or steal chips , when i am able to ...

well to end the bad runs and this situation every time u play a tournament, u really have to play as many hands as possible right of the bat, right from the start, play as aggressive as possible all through out the tournament, try always to be above avg. chip stack, sometimes u will even be the chip leader, if thats the case, always, always, alwaaaaaaayyyssss put pressure on your opponents, always play small ball, squeeze every time, take the leader position, make sure if some1 is with u in a hand they better have the nuts or fold, and bluff as much as possible Big Smile now this one is hard but by that time everyone knows how loose u are and they are more likely to fold, and guess what else, u will not find yourself in a situation to be pushed around by others, and not able to find a good spot to push allin, instead ull push every1 around and give players like u, bad feeling to push all in Big Smile

Well i haven't really tried to be aggresive , but i don't really know how will it go as i am playing at low stakes a lot of people will call just to check if they haven't missed something big , atleast i think it will make me in many situations that it's eather all in or fold at the flop ...

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Trust me, no1 will call a loose player if they miss the board Big Smile try it see how it goes

Date Tournament Game 1st Prize Winner Buy in Entries Rank Prize
23 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL bily_nog $0.50 180 23 $0.52
22 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL muzenga87 $0.50 180 12 $0.76
21 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL Fajro $0.50 180 14 $0.76
19 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL cali indio $0.50 180 8 $1.78
19 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL KKuPo $0.50 180 4 $5.99
17 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL Nikitasibe $0.50 180 24 $0.52
17 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL wolfeboyocd $0.50 45 7 $0.70
17 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL lelo1603 $0.50 180 18 $0.76
15 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL MaGreen10 $0.50 180 10 $0.76
15 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL mateusbreis $0.50 90 7 $1.62
13 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL noplom $0.50 180 5 $4.69
13 Jul 15 No Limit Hold'em HENL SBEPKA $0.50 180 1 $24
As u can see, im always in the money, coz i always play to win, not just to make the money

Edited by SBEP (29 July 2015 @ 14:29 GMT)

If you are cashing quite often but only small or min cashes then the only way to change that is to be more aggro or take more risks and try and finish in the top places.If you are always trying just to cash you will usually run out of chips at critical times and players will take advantage.
It will win you so much more profit to sacrifice a dozen min cashes for a win or a few top 3 places.I play for fun and want to enjoy a couple of hours of play so get more min cashes and I know that I would have to have a good run of cards for me to win the tourney.
I am fairly sure that it would be quite difficult for ant players to make a good profit from tournaments unless they have the big results. Smile
Just remember the old saying.....Cash games for dough,tournaments for show. Smile

also look for a way out to this same dilemma , I am almost learning to play but when the bet is cash seems that everything falls apart is the hand does not come nor the cow spit Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

SBEP , i wasn't really talking about SNG tournaments ... At thoses i have made some profit .....

klash23 today tried to be a bit more aggresive then the other days , and that hurts ... As i had quite a good stack was around 11k and had K10 s , so i raised it under the gun and there was like 4 or even 5 players that called the min raise ... Flop came 10 9 Q ... I checked as there was many callers , all others did check as well , then big blind made 2x blinds bet , i just called hoping that my hand will improve , the guy beside me reraised pot , all other did fold and then i don't really know why but i shoved , the guy called with K9 off , and the turn came out a 9 , river K ... The golden rule i guess don't try to over come the chip leader at the table , but he had a bit more chips then me around 15k

You have kind of answered your own questions at the end of your last post by saying not to attack the chip leader--the reason he can make those plays is because he does have more chips and he is a player prepared to use them.
The hand you described does have a lot of points that a better player than me can explain but I see a decent starting hand but after a min raise UTG and 4 or 5 callers followed by a flop of 9,10,Q and then bet,call,re raise-I would not want to get my whole stack in with your hand.
I remember a poker player saying "aggressive players play poker,passive players play cards". Smile
If you make money from SnGs then build a good bankroll from those and take some the winnings to tournaments and play to get a top 3 place.
Maybe finding an aggressive winning player(check sharkscope) and then just watching them play a tournament could help as well.
On the other hand there are many players who make good money from just playing SnGs and satellites where tighter play can be rewarded. Smile

Yeah i think i could play that hand better there , but okey thats the past ... This is a new day so i was playing quite good poker , beeing aggresive and stole a lot of blinds .... But why , just why didn't i play the game that i started to play , in about last fue tables around 45 players 9 handed i started to just fold fold fold almost every hand even when i am on a small blind and to call i have to use only 8k of my 230k stack ... Well did get a bit futher , but i now have a feeling that i lost the tournament , just because i stoped playing ...

And they payed me as needed i was just asking for this ....

Ah yes ended up in 16 place from around 2 k players in a 0.27 cent tournament taking back home 1.88

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I just look at your hand and it remember me that the same thing happend to me yesterday in playing a tournament had A 10 flop J Q K and the other guy made a full just like you very strange. Big Smile Big Smile

Well if i would be playing a tournament with highter stakes , i probably would cry for a day at least , but i did deserve it so nothing special ...

Hey guys i have a question about my call here :

I didn't really get a lot of hands in this tournament , and didn't get really much of a action so i knew that i am the under dog there , that he is having a small pocket pare , but was my call a good call there ? Maybe i made my call because i just didn't get a lot of hands ...

You say you didn't get many hands but you had a pretty average chip stack.I like the raise over the limper as well when a lot of players would maybe just limp behind.
I see Your JQs hand as not the worst cards but it is hard to say without knowing how active the big blind was and how tight he thought you were......if he had only seen you play the top hands and he only played good hands I would be folding but if he was really loose and aggressive maybe I would take a chance and be relieved to see I was not dominated.
If I had no info I would probably think that JQs is really taking a gamble and with over 10BB I would wait for a better shot. Smile
The more time and effort you put into learning poker really does make the difference.I know I don't have the time so I accept I play for fun.I wish I was only 22. Smile

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