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bankrool starting from scratch , I seek a way to make my bankroll starting from scratch , I attend all possible frerolls , I'm training to start in SNG with minimum prices , if anyone has a strategy or please contribute experience,I am just getting to the point you want to be. I have been playing freerolls on several sites, with varying degrees of success. I won a few bucks and lost them to the cash tables, but I eventually was able to take a different tourney and within the last few days I have built a BR of $165. Not much, but considering I started with nothing, I am extremely happy. It really did take awhile of playing freerolls seriously. 2-3 a day, everyday, for about 3 months. just to get the $2 that ended up starting my roll. I completely agree with other commenters. Play seriously, play as many as you can on different sites. (Full Flush has the most that I have seen), and once you start to cash manage your bankroll as strictly as possible.

Be very aware, though, like BluffMeAllIn said: Almost all of the playing style you learn in the freerolls will need to be discarded or heavily modified once you get into the regular tourneys/cash games. His suggestion of just making a deposit is wise, I believe, if you have that option. If not, building a BR from freerolls is indeed possible.


Cheers mate good luck in your challenge you will need it there will always be some up and down but if you persevere you will reach the top eventually and can live off poker and all so good luck mate have fun at the tables and hopefully make a lot of money , keep us updated on how you doing and so on, cheers peace out mate good luck again and also do the challenge and never give up, cheers mate peace out good luck!

good positive thinking and upward , that is it , for money or for fun let's get to grind , good luck to you too and money to warranty

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