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Alleged Thefts At Popular U.S. Poker Room

Posted on 30 July 2015 by "T".
There is currently a rumor that a very popular Las Vegas poker room has let go of at least one staff member due to theft. "Dan Druff", who broke the news on the alleged scandal, claimed in his first post that two unrelated sources had informed him that the poker room, widely considered to be one of the best run poker rooms in the world, fired a tournament director on suspicion of stealing tokes fr[...]   Read more » Alleged Thefts At Popular U.S. Poker Room

  30-Jul-15, 15:30   #1
Alleged Thefts At Popular U.S. Poker Room +1 
Joined: Mar '12
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 41 (F)
Posts: 2249
I though it was 1st April again.....a reporter named Dan Druff??I suppose he is Head and Shoulders better than the rest?"I deny everything" said manager MR Hugh Jass.
The casino lawyer Hoo Flung Dung stated "It has really hit the fan."

  31-Jul-15, 17:05   #2
Joined: May '13
Location: Mauritius
Age: 28 (M)
Posts: 2688
Hmm with cash concerned money is always gonna to be a serious issue and have thefts and bad publicity around it and all , so good luck guys have fun at the tables and hopefully you can make some money and all, cheers anyway peace out and good luck at the tables and i hope you never face off i a casino or poker table where you have people cheating and all, so good luck and have fun again at the tables good luck and peace out guys!

  1-Aug-15, 08:01   #3
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 50 (M)
Posts: 7371
Its always sad to read these stories but, where there is money involved, there will always be temptation and,unfortunately, this wont be the last we hear of these kind of stories

  1-Aug-15, 10:38   #4

Joined: May '08
Location: Lithuania
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 10090
theft or no theft Dan Druff, Hugh Jass, Flung Dung and dudes from wsop national championship- Hardwood and Fish would surely make a memorable wsop me final table. add the nosebleed regulars like Ish Aveballs and Melo Venipples and we're in for a real feast.

  20-Aug-15, 01:02   #5

Joined: Apr '12
Location: Hungary
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 6866
The dealers probably had some kinda deal with him as they used to do with floor managers etc. about sharing a percentage of their tips, though on tournaments it's a bit tricky to gather those from the winners - and even though he thought he was entitled for a kickback, the casino did not agreed.

  22-Aug-15, 08:09   #6

Joined: Mar '14
Location: Japan
Age: 45 (M)
Posts: 8990
It's everywhere! There was a similar incident at another casino.

According to Clark County records in Nevada, poker industry veteran C********** C*****, who served as the poker room manager at Treasure Island, was arrested on Dec. 12, 2014 for felony theft of $650-$3,500.

Case No. 1*******X does not go into detail, but according to Poker Fraud Alert, a website established Todd “Dan Druff” Witteles to guard against the "scumbags and criminals" that look to cheat the poker world, a Treasure Island employee alleges C***** was arrested for stealing jackpot money via a football pool.

"C********** C***** is no longer employed by Treasure Island," said Treasure Island Senior Vice President of Communications Michelle Knoll. "We have no further comment as we do not discuss personnel matters with the press."

Also refer to: Previous arrest record

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (22 August 2015 @ 08:14 GMT)

BankrollMob Forum » News » Alleged Thefts At Popular U.S. Poker Room

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