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Have you ever had a feeling that if you call you will loose but you still call just because it's a good call ?

Shame that the chat doesn't work on boomplayer , because before the flop i already wrote down that i will loose the flip ...

Many times, the math says call but the feeling in the gut says "u will lose" now i just listen to my gut and fold

Ya this happens to me a lot lol I get donked so often its riiculous, and when I know I should be playing winning hands I will fold sometimes because I know the guy next to me is going to call with some crap and get lucky...

Sorry u lost that one bro, yea how to fold that hand or better yet which happens to me all the time, how to fold pair of Queens when i know im up against 2 Cowboys or 2 Aces. Never had it in me not to not try and see what happend. Like a car buyer - i just have to see whats under the hood - even if it costs me losing. Im scared to fold 22 so even if i let say have 6ooo chips left and somebody raises to 3000 im afraid i would follow. But we all dont think the same. This s hi t is to much mental to think. Im out here. Peace.

Today i made such a funny stupid mistake , and that tanking , oh that tanking .... Why did i make the bluff Big Smile

I would never put him on this hand !!

Gosh how do i not do like when i go on a tilt ... Loosing my money till the last cent when it comes to tilt ....

Should be playing this
after that comes

When i had a chance i could win but ...

And all in the end i do get this And specific thing about this is it would be reverse the guy would probably hit the miracle 10 Big Smile

How do you guys get over the tilt , maybe some good advise?

Just made pretty good fold i guess Big Smile

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My dear friend i dont trust Jokerstars and never will. I had a little bit different situation holdin 33 hand and the other guy holded AQ. Now watch -

FLOP comes 3, 9, Q ,
TURN - another Queen - was thinkin oh good i have a Full House
- and here comes the RIVER - Another Queen.

3 Queen in a row - I mean CAMON. Maybe in Sience Fiction moves its possible but to f..k me up like that just because guy had more chips then me. That was the drop that spilled the glass and from now on i know theres so much setup. Those folded hands appear on the tabel and i coulda have the best possible hand if i went in, now when i go in and play with the best possible hand comes something differnt. But im not leting This Jokerstars Software and their cheating f...s me in the head. Dont bite ur self over something thats not real and setup. I know im done with it.

Best of luck in the future and keep ya head up.


Well i have a feeling that there is a bit too much of difference between other sites , but i do like pokerstars just because there are players ...
As well i do find it it strange that there is that called "tilted" situation and normal situation , and i have had this whole my small life while i am playing ... There is a normal situation when i can really make some difference , but the tilt that comes in every poker player life , makes me just sick as all my winning just goes back and then my deposited money goes in and then i am broke ...

At the last post when i made the fold AK in the start it was just like what the f...k i am on hot strike :
the next hand comes out then fue hands later

Then it started to get a bit slower , did have hands and won , then lost fue , and made some folds like AJ , 2 or 3 times did steal the blinds and in the end did get into the money , but when it was all over , i mean the bubble ... I knew that the guy had the J but i don't find it good to fold AK in such a deep game when i am pretty dead already
So i did get money all good all fine ...

Played the freeroll but not for long , thought that the river is quite good to make the presure on him as i thought that we both are holding pretty bad A with with something , and that in the end we gonna chop it , but hey i am on the tilt let's just have him a brain storm ))

Well today made one really sick call Smile

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