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Hi there Mobsters, I am nowhere near anywhere close to what my screen name is, I have a lot to learn at Poker. I played a couple games around home for $20 entry with 10-15$ rebuys or something, walked away with around $1200 or so from 3-4 tournaments i played. (Lucky draws and flops)

I am not a professional by any means, i do like the freerolls just for the chance at winning a little here and there if i am lucky enough. I come to Pokerstars for the PSO thing and seen the freerolls sponsored byyour group here and was interested in what i saw.

I am glad to be part of the group and hopefully one day i will be showing up on the leaderboard if i continue playing and learning. I doubt i will be depositing unless i find a credit card or some other sort of payment thing to work with. I depend on the freerolls to get money but i lack the patience needed to sit through a few hours at a time.

Good luck at the tables and remember to keep a cool, calm collected mindset while playing, doesn't help your game making decisions after a bad beat or some other thing.

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Welcome to BankRollMob Godofpoker07 Thumbs Up . Think Freerolls at Full Tillt would suit you best since Pokerstars has more then 3000 to 5000 players throu day. Full Tilt has from 700 till 1000 so u can achive better resolt and hopfully for ur bankroll - some reward money. One more way to earn money for playing poker and tournaments u like is to b an active member and that means - writing or reply to a post, comment on news and so on - ull find ur way. And ofcorse theres a few mob games ull see the tab- one of the way is calendar where u got five doors to open and see if u won something. Second is Braking safe lock - if u guess 3 correct numbs - ull get that prize that is in. And the last is Mob Drow - u buy tickets for a draw which can get u 5000 points and that means - 50$ on your account. U can only cash out by having 5000 points - nothing less.

This really is one great community with cool peoples, treat everyone with respect ,ask if u want to know something and most of all have fun staying here.

I wish u best of luck, awesome poker knowlege and bigger bankroll. Cheers new member and feal yourself at home. Smile

Welcome to the forum. Smile
Just my opinion but if you have played and been successful in tourneys I would not put much time into freerolls,especially on the bigger sites just to win a few cents or a couple of dollars.
I wish I had not played freerolls until I had understood the game far better.This may sound strange to some people but I think playing freerolls gives new internet players a very bad idea of what playing poker is all about.
There are lots of bonuses available on BRM so you can get a decent start with a small starting bankroll.I quite like Party poker/BWIN for decent tourneys with lowish buy ins and smallish fields and 888 always have decent promos if you do want to play freerolls.
There are some very friendly Canadians on this forum who can tell you about the best ways to deposit from Canada.also if you take advantage of this site there is the potential to make some extra cash.
Good Luck Smile

Hello and welcome to the forum.
You have made a good start and that current bankroll of yours is more than enough to,
keep playing for a long time.
Just dont forget bankroll management and you will be fine.
Who doesnt like freerolls? Smile

Welcome to the forum Smile i hope you have a good time and loads of good hands whilst being here. i wish you all the best at the tables & in life in general , kind regards Jeff Cool Blink

thanks, most of my money goes to wards my nieces. If i do deposit, it won't be for a while yet, out of work temporarily so i have a bit of time to mess around in poker rooms for now.

I have did the Duck Poker thing, won around 4.05 or so and spent 4 free in casino on something i shouldn't have lol

If i deposit, i will be sure to read up on forums and get advice from people who have more experience in playing.
PSO has helped me a little in learning, placing better now and if i play right, i do manage a few cents here and there lol.

btw just added $1.75 from freerolls, so i am loaded now Dollar

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