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Anybody have tried one or more of the three dream team freerolls schedule on PS every day and being part of the new promotion.

I played one today whit a little bit more than 30K. entrants and pay out to the first 72.

Play start with 1,000 chips and blinds 5 minutes it is quite a task to make ITM. Aww crap! Aww crap!

Wow only 72 get paid out of 30,000 Shock
i think i'll be giving that one a miss as much as i like playing mtt's that's just too many players to get through.
Gl if you are playing pinotte Thumbs Up

Thanks Pinotte, didn't know they were doing freerolls for this promotion. 72 paid isn't much but I'm guessing the prizes are pretty big. I kinda like the idea. Instead of giving 5000 players 1$, just give 72 players a real prize that they'll remember... Big Smile

I will probably try to play them when I can. I just hope that the blind structure is fast... I hate when freerolls have very slow structures, they're usually not really worth wasting time on.

The one coming at 19:00 EDT the prize is 1.1K and already 14K players registered The blinds start $25.00/$50.00 and changed after 5min. You will not lose to much time playing this going down very fast. Big Smile Big Smile


... Big Smile< I did very well in one the other day pinotte...! I got to about 120th or something and many many hours of crazy bingo poker too... Confused

... Big Smile< If you get into the money in one of those, stand to make your efforts worthwhile as they have fairly big payouts for freerolls...! Thumbs Up

lol yeah, I lost on the second hand I played. Some girl shoved K5 off suit, I called with AJ and she hit two pairs Big Smile

I guess I should've just went sitting out untill the 15:00 minutes mark because they randomly pick a table and give them dream team final freeroll tickets Big Smile

Anyways, thanks for the heads up, Pinotte! I wish you good luck.

a 30K entrants i finish on 71 took me 3hrs or more but the problem is they don't have a break time Aww crap!

i saw them and i said to myself ,, no way i am wasting my time on these
first you won't get any poker skill development ,, lot of fish all-in with any cards
and play for a long time .. and only 72 out of 30K would get a prize
and to get to that point you need to win lot of flips , so you need luck
i would rather use my luck on a real tournament
anyway good luck to anyone decide to play these

There are three puzzles to complete - one for each superstar - each consisting of 9 pieces. For every piece you collect, you'll be guaranteed a random reward ranging from a $20K All-In Shootout ticket to $7,911 in cash and a magical Golden Ticket.

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