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Consider poker a sport of the mind?  0   
here in Brazil has a television program presented by Vitao in band news , their slogan is : poker sport Mind you agree with this slogan ? Question Question Question

Nawh i dont work out however i do play poker Blink

if you want some mind work , play chess
poker is most of the time an ABC game , the decision is quite clear
but it sure can make you tilt than any other sport
i have smashed my laptop once because of poker so i guess i get some exercise out of that , my arms are getting stronger Big Smile

I think it depends on what you consider sport,if poker is a sport then chess or bridge or even crosswords and scrabble could be considered a sport of the mind.I consider any sport has to have some physical aspect to it. Smile

How many times have i seen that question here. And i wonder how many more will come.
I believe the answer on this one is very easy. Just use your brain and simple logic Smile and you will answer this for yourself.
Dont sweat yourself too much while thinking Smile

to the minister of sports here in Brazil considers the sport poker. ever thought about the Olympics in Brazil in 2016 cwdignus gold medal Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Just for your reference.

"The creation of online poker sites not only generated a new wave of players who could enjoy the game in a more convenient and efficient manner than traveling to their local casino, but also promoted poker on a worldwide scale – culminating in ever-increasing volumes of sponsorship and television deals.

A discussion has emanated within the world of poker as to whether it should be considered as a sport or form of entertainment. The emergence of a Global Poker Index (GPI) has been analyzed on the poker strategy site as an indication that the game is moving towards being ranked as a sport. This movement is heavily debated by recreational players who want poker to remain a fun and social game, rather than a mainstream sport predominately focused on professional players.

Debating how poker should be classified is ultimately determined by your own definition of a “sport.” Dictionaries can provide a comprehensive answer to what sport is, but being defined as a “diversion usually involving” offers a potential loophole for poker to be listed alongside football, rugby and tennis, among others. Skeptics believe that poker does not involve any form of exceptional physical achievements, so therefore cannot be considered a sport. The lack of movement-based action can become boring and unappealing. Their argument, however, can be counteracted with the point that participation also involves considerable mental acuity, as professional athletes must be focused at all times to make a difference.

Playing poker requires an abundance of mental strength. Not only to keep calm, composed and collected throughout every hand, but also to look for potential tells and assess the play of other players. It is a real psychological challenge that applies to recreational and professional poker games.

Another factor tying in the sports angle is that poker has become a global phenomenon through lucrative sponsorship and television deals, which continue to create high-profile tournaments in the most luxurious casinos worldwide. Poker is globally advertised like a sport, and receives major coverage across world-renowned broadcast and print media companies that help to broadcast poker tournaments across every continent.

Poker will always retain its entertainment factor through the high drama and unpredictability that exist within every single game or tournament. Moreover, television broadcasters have every right to show a live event, as it is considered “entertainment” for the viewing public. Millions of people bet on sporting events as a form of entertainment, with poker also taking on this premise with its gameplay and buy-in price. Unlike athletes, however, poker players do not get paid if they are unsuccessful in a poker tournament. They must make a living from their winnings."

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well that's an empirical question really- whether poker is a sport of mind, a sport of kidneys or a sport at all. however there is one thing that might be correct here- poker is more or less a sport of a55. think about it, you spend most of the time on your a55 while playing poker... deffo poker is a sport of a55.

Hi guys hope you are having a fine Sunday and all it is almost time to sleep here and before i go i would like to add that poker is a game of mind and skill not pure luck as demonstrated in a lot by the tv shows and movies in general , you could play a good game but what is the use if you are already burnout after 1 hour, in some tournaments, well all tournaments actually last a hell of a lot longer so good luck mate have fun and keep the good post!

Not quite sure, if i got right what you are saying here cwdignus.
You are saying that your minister considers it as a sport, and it might be on in the olympics? Smile
I doubt that it is that simple, for a new addition to the olympic games.
Not to mention that it hasnt been characterized as a sport yet.

I am very certain that the game of poker will never be an Olympic sport,ever. Smile Maybe we could have an Olympics of card games but some would say that is here already as in the WSOP.
In sports such as athletics the best athlete usually wins barring an injury or accident but probably not in poker tourneys. Smile

If someone puts some broken chairs, then there might be some accidents with injuries Smile
But still that wont qualify.
I believe if ever happens which i really doubt, it will be a disgrace for the rest of the sports
and athletes of course.

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