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Hi, Got the message but didn't find the thread.

That really pisses me off when we participate in forums, keep checking for the password and see it in other sites etc..

Let's have a few suggestions in this Thread so BankrollMob team can check different ways of sharing the password.

I've seen in other sites, passwords being released with a small time period from tournament start time. 1:30 mins or less.

Other suggestion is, release the passwords by user level. For example, approved users, most frequent users, quality and active members etc..

Please lets discuss.

roses are red, violets are sh1t,
your kidneys aren't great, don't feel betrayed...

or sth like that, my memory fails me.

anyway- what i'm trying to say is that there is some mechanical friction in this situation and you cannot expect to see it being solved with your post, but i'm open for a long discussion (max 5 posts a day, since i'm only paid for that).

Well, it needs to start from somewhere, I'd like to suggest that to the site owners. Maybe think about that!

welcome to the forum NKGB, this has been a subject covered many times,i think in the end its a win win for brm but you could click on the forum page and scroll for some of the posts...anyways have fun here and gl... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

i don't think that there is a way to stop the facebook/twitter password thieves
it is just the way the internet goes .. always sharing everything
it is nice to see small field BRM tournaments but it ain't gonna happen
all you have to do is try to play daily and make great runs , it is possible to get that leader-board prize
i see you are new here , i would like to welcome you and wish you the best

Already discussed, but no solution for it so the best thing you do can do about it is just nothing. Play the freerolls or just simply don't if you think it's a shame...

As others have said this is always a complaint but the whole reason BRM have the freerolls is to get people to their site and get the bankrollmob name out there,especially to freeroll players who will maybe want to take no deposit bonuses etc.
Another point is that BRM has 661,000 members so it is hard to cater for everyone.
I personally do not play the BRM freerolls but I do play the BRM game at Party,it cost 5 party points to enter but it is always a decent game with only around 40-50 players. Smile

u say u post and check day in day out and u got 2 posts hmkay

Big Smile< ..That'll never end...! It's a great Evil marketing ploy...! Evil Big Smile Thumbs Up

Big Smile< So this is how I play BrM freerolls on PS....:

c) Instead of numbers and letters,...I go by what the top of the number or letter looks like

i.e. ...: a 9 or a queen are round on top,...whereas a 7 or a 5 are FLAT on top,...and aces or 4s are POINTY on top...!

... Big Smile< You can have 5 of a kind quite easily...: 444AA .....5 'Pointies' wins...

... Big Smile< Weeeeeeeeeeeee.....! Thumbs Up

Dont tell me theres a space where u can see password i allways guess it Tongue

Theres no way to protect it the right way. Maybe reciving the password throu mail but then again 2 much job for the support. IDK im just glad there is a password and thet i play in the league.

since your new here you havn't had a chance to read a lot of posts, but this has been discussed many, many ,many times, too many times to count.
One of the problems is that the password thief is a BRM member

Since BRM is not just a forum but it's a business password thief's actually help BRM by passing out the password, and attracting new members.

So i don't think BRM is actually interested in stopping this.

P.S. welcome to the forum. Thumbs Up

Its 25$ and 5$ to first place. Just make a deposit. It will never change its good for business

The best option (I believe) it if the passwords were sent to members of the site. Only members of the site by e-mail. And that was just the opportunity to play at the site members. And it turns out a lot of players in the tournament. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
And often when I pull such time to earn more points in the treasury reytiga and that other players do not understand and swear !!! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Sending password by email wouldnt change anything. Its the members of brm putting the password out for others to find. You cant get the password from brm without being signed into a mob account.

Even still guys if something did change and instead of 8000 players it drops to 1000 players is there really a differce? 25$ only stretches so far and 5$ for first will never land anyone bragging rights. Think of it more of a spot to blow off steam and try playing some 0.10$ sngs or something with some value and a prizepool

this is problem for years and you cant stop it!only if maybe password is given 5 min before starting tourney and that everybody need to log in at his BRM account!so in that way,people wouldnt have time to write on other forums that pass!

No matter what they will find another way.
Even the 5 minutes you are talking about is plenty of time for the password to be passed around
over the net Smile
So try to do the best out of it by winning the tournaments and be the ones in the leader board.
Either way the ones that get the passwords from other sites the dont compete in the leader
board i believe Smile

2 mins before start of tourney release password, only thing is if you lag or freeze alot, you will likely miss the registration for tourney.

What some others have been saying about getting the BRM name out here is for the most part true, players will pass info on to other players and that brings more traffic to the site here, so it is a win win for brm having the numbers for tournies.

Just play and hope for the best, just don't be calling/raising with garbage hands, the more you play those hands, your chances of winning diminish with each bad hand you play.

Play tight and aggressive when you have the hands to play like that.

Donkeys will call with anything though and usually get lucky and beat the stronger hands. Aww crap! Aww crap!

So! Imagine you are the owner of a poker site. You have some relatively low level Freerolls on there and you want to make some money and advertise to as many people as possible to increase flow to your site, cos that's how you make money. Do you,
A. Restrict the people who can play on these games?
B. Advertise widely and allow as many people in as possible to maximise your profit?

BRM freerolls have no restriction at all, besides the password you need, in order to sign up.
Players see the games in the poker software mostly and then look up for the password.

So if the password is displayed in another site that distributes them for free,
that doesnt mean more traffic for BRM doesnt it?

There is absolutely no way to stop i mean the password thieves Smile
from posting on fbook or twtter,just get used to it.

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