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I have a little problem with the mob points my last three posts did not get me any points and I think they are eligible for the points they fullfill ,at least I think,all the requirements they are in the five day posts limit
I Testify 8/26/2015
» Complete Bullsh1t Place 8/25/2015
» The Candy Store " Men's " 8/25/2015 does were the post that did not get points

Maybe I am wrong but I don´t think so

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life to it´s fullest Worship Worship Worship

Edited by av1966 (26 August 2015 @ 15:19 GMT)

WHAT!!! You don't know yet about the "I Testify & Complete Bullsh1t Place" threads??? You really should read a little but more than just posting there...

It seems that lots of people have been having this problem,not too long ago a member also had points taken away for posting guff on other threads......maybe people have been taking too many liberties with them. Smile
On a totally different subject I notice there is no longer any of the usual blog posts from IQA,Whiskey and the like.....?

Hello all my friends
Thanks for your help and the time spended reading my post Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Calmplay could you please tell me where can I read the information about the "I testify &Complete Bullsh1t Place "threads thanks in advance for your help Calmplay

Wish the best luck to you all and remember :

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

it was mentioned in at least one but i think both threads. There were no information given by BRM except no points. Big Smile Big Smile

I think they don't award points for certain threads, because those threads are just bullsh1t and have nothing to do with poker. Smile

what about those sports threads dont you think there is no bullsh1t in those threads.

I don't know, i don't read them and i don't post in them. Big Smile

But since this is not just a poker forum but it's a betting forum as well.
so those threads would be allowed to earn points.

It's normal,I don't know number of times when I do 5-6 posts after many days I not get 1 point for those posts,it was so frequently that I stop looking for points,if i want to say something I do post but don't count points Thumbs Up Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

from past few days,this threads bullsh1t,testify...doesnt count!I dont know was something writen in this threads,did admin say something,but know that they stoped to give points for that!but its strange to stop few days ago,after so many pages and post in this 2 or 3 threads!its strange that they didnt earlier closed it!

It seems those particular threads have exhausted their share of the unlimited pool of MobPoints.
But it's good that the threads are still open, so you can still post and enjoy them, without the risk of getting highlighted as a "posts only for MobPoints"-member Worship

I notice that I am not geting points for few days from bullsh1t place, but I still post some sh1t there O.o

Thanks Tony for keeping them open despite... Evil that means I'm still in for the 7777th bullsh1t post Smile

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