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The amount of times i've been up against pocket pairs this week is...well...phenomenal !!!
I have lost huge stacks and lost some great positions in mtt's because of those bstrds with their pairs Big Smile and they always ( it seems like ) hit their set,honestly you would need to have seen it to believe it.
This week really is the week of the sets,against me Evil
Any one else get problems like this ?

Yes everybody suffered this kind of lost against set. It look to you like they all it however you never see the ones that do not it and you win the hand.

It just seems like if everyone would it their set it would be very hard or almost impossible to win hands. Just forget these bad beat and wish you good luck for the future.


Big Smile< I hear ya teddydude...!!! ...I've had a similar run of sort of the same thing,...but instead dudes are playin' their junk and filling out a crap straight and clobbering my killer pockets and flops...!!! Angry

... Big Smile< Must have happened at least 3 or 5 times today,...and constantly for days...! Confused Aww crap!

Huhh what to say - Welcome to my world - AK loses agenst 22 , with my damaged size of chips i go all in with 22 guy with AK hits poker. And this is me looking at the empty tabel after the showdown>

O_o > wtf

I just simply dont know when is any of those poker software gona whisper me softly " Today is your day - today you win - and all bingo players can suck on it" Really sorry same s**t happends to you to Tedd - maybe if we join forces and come at the same tabel - then our bad luck will confuze the software and its gona go in our way.

Keep ya head up, never back down and stay cool Thumbs Up Smile

I was more on the other side of variance this week. Hit a fair amount of sets with my low pocket pairs, and a lot of top pair top (or good) kicker with may AK, AQ type of hands. But this was lomg overdue.

this must be at pokerstars then, it is where small pkt pairs hit sets very often Angry but it don't when it's you playing them...

i am starting to hate pocket pairs
it seems everytime i play , there is always an ace on the flop .. it is becoming scary
I had QQ against A10 small stack and AJ other player
i was so happy only one over-card .. and they had only 2 outs
but ace on the flop as usual
Same 77 VS A7 .. again Ace on the flop
so now i would much prefer having AK than a pair like 1010 .. i know it is wrong but that is how my luck works Aww crap!

Hi mate hope you doing okay and having fun at the tables keep playing and keep making a lot of money , on the subject matter of pocket pairs this hand can and has the potential to make you a lot of money if played correctly, set mine is the bread and butter of making money online, least this is what i think , anyway peace out good luck mate at the tables me going to watch some football and make some money if able and god willing!

It is always a nightmare when they hit a set and it is very difficult to get away from if you have a good pair or two pairs,if we are folding top pair every hand just in case they have it we won't get far.The most we can do in that situation is to try and keep the pot small and hope the next time it is us that hits the set V aces. Smile

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