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I have just logged in to 888 poker and a new wheel was revealed,looks like the prizes are pretty much the same as before but this time we have a mystery prize Smile Not sure what the prizes would be but I will be disappointed if the "mystery prize" is just another freeroll or maybe they just have a surplus of 888 beach towels or 888 playing cards. Smile

summer splash is over
anyone who still got tickets , i would recommend to play these last games today
i don't know about the new promotion but i am sure it is gonna be good
888poker always has great offers and nice freerolls
can't wait to start
good luck all mobsters in this new promotion

Well. This has sneaked up from nowhere! I have a couple of splash tickets let.t and will use them today and will go take a look at the new promo to see what that's all about. I love mystery prizes, it makes the promo even more exciting.... The suspense of waiting to find out I have won a 1c ticket just kills me!

Maybe that mystery prize, si going to remain a mystery Smile I hope not though, cause i would like to know what it is. Curiosity lol.
From one promotion to another one, so they keep all players busy there.

Well my friends those promos are for free so what ever somes out of heat is profit at least day give you a chance to win something for free of course it´s a bit weird to give 1c freeroll entries Confused Confused

I said that gives you a chance because for me 888 poker is still on hold at my country hopefully they will start to issue licenses in the next month Confused Confused just go to wait and see

If you can and won it please post what is the mystery prize
Stay cool and good luck

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

I got the wheel this morning and won i think $3.00 sport bet. And a few minutes ago i received a mail giving me three tickets for a $3,000.00 freeroll. Again they will be hyper turbo. In the mail they said that if you finished in the top 50 you have other gifts also other surprised could come.

Look to be a nice promo again on 888. Worship Worship

Meet the new promo... same as the old promo.

But that's okay the old promo was pretty good.

At least in this promotion the tickets have a one month expiry date instead of just a couple of days.this way you get a chance to use them before they expire. Thumbs Up
the last one most of my tickets just expired. Thumbs Down
good luck in the new freerolls.

I clicked the link in the email and scrolled down to the bottom, heres what it says.

$500,000.00 in guaranteed tournaments
$265,000.00 in bonuses
$75,000.00 in goodies
$60,000.00 buyin tournament tickets
$100,000.00 in EXTRA surprises.

plus if you complete 5 of their daily missions you win a surprise gift up to $100.00
you have one week to complete them
Daily missions are

Play 40 raked hands or more
play tourneys with a total buyin of $5.00 or more
bet $30.00 or more at 888 casino
Bet $10.00 or more at 888 sport

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There are acouple of differences and one I have noticed is that the new tickets don't expire within a couple of days.....I think I had more that expired than I used.
I quite like that the top 50 players get an extra prize and the mystery prize could actually be cash so not bad and there is still the regular 3k freerolls.

Yeah! I won two new tickets yesterday and then got the email with three new tickets. So I regd for the late night 3k game and this afternoon discovered that I had won a cool .60c. Very nice for doing absolutely nothing. I will play the spinner game soon...don't forget you get an extra second spin if your second spin is on a mobile device having already spun on the PC version.

There we go, crah58 revealed the mystery prize to us Smile
So with 200 raked hands you have a chance on the mystery prize.
It would have been good to know, what is the minimum you can win there.

So far I have won a 1c tourney ticket(which I usually forget about to use) and a ticket to the 3k freeroll.I had a look last night and the field had 14,000 players so probably best to wait a few days when everyone has used the 3 free tickets. Smile

I have now won 7 tickets on the last 25 hours and still have a my mobile spin left for later on today. Make sure you do the PC spin first and then go and spin from the mobile client to ensure you get two spins each day. I won a $3 sports bet too, which I have riding on. 2500-1 shot! LOL

The fact that is free doesnt mean that you have to go for the extreme, chasing outstanding crazy odds. You could have gone for something more easy, and put some money into your pockets.
Now saying good luck to this bet of yours probably will be a waste Smile

yes indeed,..the summer splash is over Sad but a new promotion started...the ëxpect the unexpected 1.000 with 3 free tournament tickets..and more by depositing + spin on the wheel. I say..the best and fun poker site there is... good luck all and have funnnnn Smile

i won the mystery prize and the big prize was 1 cent for the step 1 !!!

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