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after demodawggy and pinotte made a cash in the Neymar/Ronaldo/C.Ronaldo Freerolls
i managed to make 10$ in one of these and going 32 out of 40,380

i was never gonna play them but after i saw our two canadian mobsters ran so deep
i knew then there was hope Big Smile

i wished to make a final table but sadly i had below average stack and pushed all-in after a raise and a call
i had 1010 , the other two 88 and 9Qs .. flush for 9Qs sent me out

good luck mobsters Thumbs Up

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nice skpmorita, next time I hope it will be win, if you decide to play Blink

pretty good run for a freeroll of this category, I mean the ones with HUGE number of entrants. Now use the winnings wisely Smile


... Big Smile< NICE going there dude...! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

.. Big Smile< Not an easy task,...but I don't take them too seriously really...! Like I said,...I just lay low until the Milestone draw for a nice exclusive freeroll ticket at 15 minutes,...then just keep shoving until you stack up or die...!

... Big Smile< If suddenly you realize you have a huge stack, know things are going your way, at that point back off,...and play smart... Smile Thumbs Up

Yeah good run guys have fun on the freeroll keep playing and who knows you might be the one to get to the final table and make a lot of money, cheers keep going mate and keep playing and keep doing what you are doing as it is netting you money, anyway cheers good luck again at the tables and hope you do well me going out have to rest then be back later to have some fun on betting and having a good run so have to keep it going!

Great result 40K entrants Dollar Thumbs Up same hand yesterday in a Dollar 1 England vs Germany team tourney on 888 made final table 1010 vs AQ A on river out in 6th place for Dollar 10 GL in future Free rolls Blink

thanks guys
but i don't think i would be able to finish this high again
like demo said
i had to win several Coin Flips
77 vs AJ
AK vs 1010
99 vs AQ ..........
and i lost some but it was against smaller stacks so i was able to survive
it does indeed depend on some luck to get anything
and i guess i was lucky this tournament

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