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hi.i want to tell you somthing what happend to at the past.i did play pokerstars casino games and did lose there a lot of money.maybe around 2500 day i did get money and did start to play casino games and litlle bit poker tournaments while i was playing casino games.
i like to play more casino games than poker.
so here is the case:one day i did win 850 dollars in casino games,and that isnt near what i hawe lose there.
so iwas playing and all of the sudden i got email from pokerstars and they did say that they hawe notice that i hawe had unlegal action player caled TURBO86 and that why they hawe disaided to restore my account and i cant withdrawall or deposit money in my account.
i was like what the heck is this b******t.
i dont ewen know eny player turbo86
i desided to stop playing in pokerstars.
is that rigged:what you guys think about this???

before this i got email about some grazy bonus offer what did sound good.there was mystery bonus in next deposit from 5-100 000 bucks.but the terms and conditions was that you couldnt withdrawal enything for long time and if you try withdrawall you will lose your money...javascript:void%20Indsaetsmiley(' Aww crap!')

i feel that pokerstars is going down soon and they hawe kinda same sitsuation what full tillt had.
damn greedy bastards.takes money from poor people.

this world is so evil and greedy. what can i say.

hawe this same happend to enybody else or is it only me???
Aww crap! Aww crap!

Yup. There is the prof. Definitely rigged. On a positive note i finally for my 5000vpp milestone

I totally agree with you.
They are famous for taking a lots of money out of you - but once you win big, they ban you and suspend your account so you can't gamble more.
They did this to a whole bunch of players and they are well known in the poker community for doing that.....

ps. gj arsenej, i'm 200vpps away from 10k vpp milestone Tongue

When they are the biggest poker site in such a huge way they can pretty much do what they want and without any competition they will not even care if they make some regulars unhappy.
All gambling sites love it when you take a bonus as they are so weighted in their favour very few players have a chance of actually withdrawing from them.
The best thing to do is try some other sites where you may not get the bigger promotions and lots of players you will get some better bonuses and sites such as Party do have some good promos such as the pokerfest coming up.

I just hit 4000 vvps

If you believe so, then you can move on to another site. But dont go to full tilt, since they own that one to lol.
Many BRM members had good results so far in 888 poker, and they put up often very good
freeroll tournaments. You can try there.

I had the same problem. They said my account was suspended for deposits and withdrawals due to my involvement with a certain player under investigation. I had never heard of the guy and can't remember sitting at the table him. I emailed them stating this and that I only play for fun. They then reinstated my account. I feel sorry for you though. There's nothing more annoying than locked up money on poker sites.

now i would definitely be worried if i was caught doing some illegal action with TURBO86- he is known for starting gangbangs at and even in between the poker tables... therefore if you have been caught doing something illegal with him... i can only imagine what it was...

It seems the first thing these big companies do these days is suspend your account at the slightest suspicion of wrong doing.I had a massive problem with paypal because I had more than £4000 sent with-in a couple of days and had to prove I was not money laundering even though they could see they were all payments from a reputable company.They also stopped me from using my business account which could have really damaged my customers......they couldn't care less and still took 48 hours to check my documents.

It is very inconvenient for you but it was quite a good amount in a little short time. I do not know if you could make some discussion with them since you have a business then they could arrange something like a weekly or monthly limit that would suit you like a credit card would do. Question Question Question

You r damnnnnnnnnn right buddy, but only on jokerstars, i would not say the same thing goes for the rest of them software`s out there, but as far as poker is riged u r right, and stay as far away from jokerstars they dont like freeloaders Big Smile

yes pokerstars is rigged. always block me for money with bizarre callings. always I lose in important situations in flop with set, straight, flush or full house vs straight, flush, full house or poker. players call all in (big stack) with garbage cards after flop and this makes me think PokerStars is biggest fraud online nr 1 in robbery. so you can believe it is right you must win but pokerstars will not agree. the largest poker site in the world he did not give any chance.
this is it and I prefer to play in other sites.

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