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Won another couple hundred dollars from spin go  +4   
Poker-stars got this nice promotion where you can get 0.50$ , 5$ or 100$ spin n go tickets , all you got do is complete a simple challenge
i have played almost every day i got four 0.50$ tickets and one 5$ ticket
but today i managed to get that 100$ ticket ..
i played with it and got the minimum prize pool for 200$ , not complaining since i got to play for nothing
i was able to win Thumbs Up
now i get another good bankroll to start over since i withdrew all my winnings from my last win

i really recommend you guys gives this promotion a go , because you always get a prize no matter what and you can finish the challenge for just 0.06$

Edited by Skpmorita (26 October 2015 @ 05:58 GMT)

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nice one sir

I am playing them and I have only got the 50c tickets and only managed a $2 win at most

but I am steadily on the way up there (about $6 from 0) and hope to have a playable br from this promo

yeah this is actually a great promo, but not without it's ups and downs, and the downs can be quite frustrating... imagine you were out in 2nd place with your 100$ ticket... sure it's a free ticket (ok 6 cents invested Big Smile ) but still it would feel like you have lost 200$... i lost a couple of 5$ ones... 10 and 30$ prizes and it felt like sh1t... but when you win sth for free it feels great. overall it's a good promo.

Congrats on your win, very nice...

It's a good promotion; I got 7 tickets for free, and cashed $7 from those ($3 + $2 + $1 + $1). I usually don't like the spin & go, but it went well this time.

Great job Skpmorita!

Always great seeing a regular around here take home some cash.

great win. you need to be really lucky to win that that gold ticket. Plus you managed to win the spin & go with it. I did every challenge so far, but got only bronze. I completed the challenge by playing spin & go 3 x $0.50 or a tournament with at least $2.20 buy-in but still got bronze.

Have a nice day and Good luck.

very nice... its nice that you got 100$ ticket and won it... its free 200$... it easy could get higher multiplayer, but 200$ for free is preaty good... hope I will get 100$ ticket... till now I got 2x5$ and rest were 0,50$ ticket, we will se what will give me today Big Smile

That's a very nice win,especially from a promo Thumbs Up
i hope you turn it into something good and have fun doing it. I'll need to have a look at this promo as it doesn't look too bad at all. Well done skpmorita

Wow that's a nice thing for you, yeah sure now I'll also consider this offer too since you can be very profitable Thumbs Up

It was a bad luck not getting anything more than the minimum you are saying, but you already got lucky, by winning that ticket. I see that your chances were 0.1% so what more can i say Smile Thumbs Up
Congratulations on your win. A very good return for investing nothing Smile


... Big Smile< VERY nice win there dude...!!! Smile Thumbs Up That must have been a WEEEEEEEEEEEE bit of a shock seeing THAT appear before your eyes...!!! Shock

... Big Smile< I just played 6 of the .50c ones... 1 from a challenge, and 5 from the deposit bonus...

... Big Smile< I won $2...!!! Big Smile< lol...

not in same league but just won a $12.50 game. Steadily building up there

Nice one SKPMORITA..... I have only managed to win .50c tickets so far and every one bar the last one has been playing for $1. The last one however I got to play for $3 and jolly wine went and won it....even though I had been last all the way through until the last three hands. Keep up the good stuff mobsters.

Congratulations skpmorita, it would have been better if you hit a big spin though Smile

Today I finally got a non-bronze ticket! Got a 5$ ticket, only got a 10$ prizepool but didn't manage to win. Flopped top pair with QJ against my opponent's top pair top kicker so there wasn't much I could do considering the pre flop action. (button raised and we both called)

Winning a million for 6 cents would be nice that's for sure Big Smile

Gl guys

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