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Just cashed again BRM PS Leaderboard   0   
Currently sitting 16th with only 89 runners to go. looks like another deep run and some valuable points for the leaderboard.

I'll update the further along I go in this thing.

Now down to 21 runners and sitting 13th overall.

Could actually reach my 3rd final table within the last month.

Just made final table sitting in 4th position.

Down to final four sitting fourth.

Out in 4th overall. brought in a total of 1.45 $ or 1.45 points. Gives me a total of 7.60 points which looks like i would be in 10th place at the moment. now the payout jumps to 45$ if I can maintain top 10 status by the end of the month. I'm thinking I may need at least one more cash probably 2 to be on the safe side.

Any other regulars on here actually play these seriously ? I would love to know if I'm one of the few posters who play regularly.

Anyways good luck all you Mobsters and may the poker gods be on your side

TheIrish out!

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awesome results, and actually awesome set of results lately Thumbs Up glad to see a forum regular showing the rest of us how it's done. hope you will be able to maintain the top 10 finish your performances certainly deserve. i personally find it too time consuming and payouts not adding to overall motivation.

Thanks Pochui! Appreciate the positive feedback.

I play them mostly cause it helps with my discipline and ability to have to concentrate for longer periods of time. I know that they eat up a lot of hours for small payout seems like a waste of time. But if i get a payout of 45 $ for my efforts and a chance to play the 1500$ free roll against only 200 runners makes it much more entertaining. Plus I'm repping BankrollMob why not try to rep your favourite poker site.

On a side note I'm playing the PSO Freeroll currently and I've made the last 42 sitting in 22nd. Not a bad run these past few days and hope it translates on the real money tourney circuit with big payouts in the future

Just hit the mother of all hands ! Royal Fucking Flush!

Crazy s**t

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