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Here are the results of the BRM Sunday freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winner specially to IQA who again made ITM the only forum reg. if i am not mistaken. As for me my return was not to good when i shoved with A Q after a raise with J J and i did not hit so out again. But there is always next week Big Smile Big Smile

Thanks for that pinotte

I think I fell asleep with about 18th left, but I cant be sure as when I am sleepy I remember nothing.
I woke up thinking 'oh man I could have cashed', logged in and saw I cashed.

Out of interest where do you find the image above you pasted? I looked for it this morning and couldn't find it or find out how to find it.

I don't know how long PP keep the freeroll completed tournament but it is not long.

I always keep the tournament lobby open untill the end of it then a take a screen cap of it.

I have to check it once in a while because i get disconnected and have to reconnect until the end. Smile Smile

I busted trying to get to 19k chips when blinds were like 25/50 Big Smile

I knew I was gambling against another big stack on that hand but I just wanted to try to suck out with my up and down straight draw + pair against his overpair. I am amazed to see that he did not cash at all considering how many BBs he had after that hand Shock (lososik7) I guess his ugly pot sized bets made him trap himself later Blink Could've went sitting out for 2 hours and come back with a more than average stack lol

Thanks for posting the results Pinotte!

Congratulations to Ice Queen this week.I didn't play this week but I checked the lobby from time to time and was very surprised to see that theMachine didn't cash as he had a very good stack.
Not a great week for the forum regs!!

Well done IQA, even if you were asleep! I don't recall how I did in the game... I thought I made top 20, but clearly didn't. I made it well into the second hour at least.... Oh well... Nice to see you all at the tables and look forward to next week.

Hello guys
Man !!! I miss this tournament so bad Aww crap! Aww crap! had lots of fun playing it but for now I`m out with no time frame to when and if I will be playing it again Confused Confused

Congratulations to IQA for the result and a big thanks for pinotte to the trouble of sharing the results Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Just got to keep the faith that I will be back soon meanwhile good luck to you all Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life Big Smile Big Smile

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