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We've created this subforum, "Blogs", to encourage our members to write about their experiences, progress and what else they might have to write about that's some how poker/casino/gambling/bankrollmob related Smile

Please observe the following rules/guidelines:

* Please name your thread (subject) something that explain what it's about, for blogs it would be a good idea to call it something like "Chuck's poker blog", if your username is "Chuck".

* If your own post is the latest in the thread and you make a new post within 24 hours, your new post will be added to the previous post (within the same thread). If you want to make sure your thread is being moved to the top of our "latest updated threads"-page (forum frontpage), you should make sure to wait at least 24 hours before posting in your thread again - unless somebody else posted in between. (Just a tip!)

* Do NOT create more than one "blog thread". Stick to your own thread for posting your blog entries. If you start creating more than one thread, it will be very confusing for the readers to follow your progress and keep up with your posts.

* Our normal forum rules still apply. Do NOT link to websites that are against our forum rules, in general that means any website that offers poker/casino bonuses is a big no no, but also websites that's filled up with poker/casino banners in general. Only link to your own website if it does not violate the rules.

* These rules/guidelines may be changed without notice and we reserve the right to delete/close any thread that we don't feel is appropriate or is violating the rules.

For a complete list of all the blogs currently available, go to our Blogs-subforum:

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BankrollMob Forum » Blogs » BankrollMob Member Blogs - please read this first!

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