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So after playing some decent poker the past month or so on our BRM Pokerstars freeroll I secured 11th place overall for a payout of 40$ ! 40 bucks for just playing a game. sure i put time into it and all that but it shows that i can dedicate myself to these types of challenges and come out ahead.

here's my question how does BRM payout the winners ? Any info fro mthe forum would be helpful.

Thanks ladies and gentlemen for all your positive words during my updates and I hope this will lead me into future successes on the cash game tables.

TheIrish out!

Congrats Worship Worship

I'll try the next one. Hope I can play 2 tourneys a day this time Smile

Admin can you explain the payout process for these leaderbaords ?

... Big Smile< VERY nice going there Irishman...!!! NO easy task when it comes to THAT mess...!
Big Smile<heheee...

... Big Smile< Within a few days or so,...the money will just appear in your PokerStars account READY to transfew over to me...: demodawggy ...on PS...! (same on FT)

... Smile< You deserve it for your dedication dude,...too bad you didn't get higher,...but still nice...! Smile Thumbs Up

It actually goes into the PS account automatically? that's awesome thanks Demo for little bit of info! Though I would've had to transfer points from this site to pokersite myself. That seems easy enough.

Another reason BRM is just that great ! Thanks BRM and all who make this site as great as it has been.

It is quite a challenge to make the top ones on PokerStars with many players on each tournaments and go throught the all-in fest each time.

Congratulation to have achieve it and like demo said the money should be in your account very shortly.

Don't forget it ended on the 31st. two days ago. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Thanks Mr. Pinotte!

Wasn't too concerned about how long it would take just had no clue how i would receive such a payment. Thanks again guys for the positive reinforcements and look forward to using my new BR to push my game that much further ahead.

Posted by TheIrish77:
Admin can you explain the payout process for these leaderbaords ?

Payouts are in $ to player accounts usually 1-2 weeks after leaderboard finishes.

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