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What a hand!!!  0   
Here is what happened to me yesterday on a cash table at Mansion Poker at 0.15$/0.30$ NL table with 5 players on it :
My stack is 26$, all other guys stacks are around 30$

A guy in the middle position checks for 0,30$ with Q Heart 10 Heart
I'm on the Button with : K Club K Spade - raise to 1.50$
BB reraises to 3$ with A Spade Q Spade

Middle checks, i check and her comes the flop :
Q Club Q Diamond K Diamond (At this point i know only 2 aces are going to get me down)

BB bets 8$
Guy in the middle raises to 12$ and i reraise to all-in...
They check me...

Turn :
10 Club

River :
10 Spade

Weeee i got 78$... Think it's pretty nice for a 0.15$/0.30$ table Smile
I would like to see these guys faces after the show up before the turn... They already knew they lost... lol

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Edited by hombart (24 September 2008 @ 08:16 GMT)

I never liked Ongame because of these hands. Wait till You get sucked out like this.

Holy cow that is some sexy action haha! I can imagine that Q10 guy still thought he would win for a second with those 2 10's. But no Smile Haha they must've veel bad!


nice hand , you got the best preflop , and on the flop and on the turn and on the river , and each time cards are better for the two oponent too ... it's very rare !! Worship Worship Worship

oh yes this is a very incredible hand...pour boys when you show K Spade K Club ah ah ah
Aww crap! Aww crap! nice hand play right but your opponents had a lot of unlucky. Smile

An action flop. Blink

Some comments. Why not another raise before the flop? You want to get as much money in as possible. And than it is easy to be all in on the flop.

The guy with QT should have folded preflop. Smile

And what a surprise today... Mansion is on iPoker network from today... I'm surprised. Yesterday their servers was down for maintenance and today i'm going to check and boom. You need to download new software. I launched it anh hey... This is another iPoker client...

Yep. Heard that too. Played a month ago at mansion. Still did not looked to be fully integrated in the ongame system at that time. We now know why. Tongue

Mansion is still searching its place. They stand alone, then switched to ongame, now switch to ipoker. What is next?

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