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So i had this school pass tickets from intelipoker on my PS acc. for a long time didn't do anything with them, so tonight i decided to use one of them and see what happens, i registered to School pass 9x3.30 Dollar tournament with 570 entries, i said, ok doesnt look that tough ill have a go at it, long story short, managed to get in the top 9, was second for a long time, end up finishing 6th.
So on the Dec.12 wish me luck guys, coz that payout looks very juicyyyyyyy Blink

Any1 else from u mobsters reged to this thing?

Edited by SBEP (16 November 2015 @ 18:57 GMT)

Congratulations for your win. So far it looks good, in terms of entries and prizes.
But something tells me there will be even more satellites for this one Smile
Good luck on the tournament. Dont forget to set yourself a reminder.
It is a long time since then, and you will forget about it Smile

Ty Mober, i have changing picture on 5min on my desktop one of them is the big bang tourney, well its the second pic i posted in here, sooo doubt i will forget it Big Smile hope to see u on there Thumbs Up

Good Luck for the tournament.
I couldnt read what you wrote in my thread, it got deleted immediatly

I wrote that i don't use hud`s coz my play would suffer, coz doing the math and tracking players is what keeps me sharp and on the edge where i need to be when i play poker, but u could make a lot of money coz there are a lot of people now a days using all kind of software to help them with their game, so go at it Thumbs Up

SBEP....congratulations your your achievement. I have a load of school passes in my account, having gone down to zero for a while but now having built them back up and I really must find time to use them, so maybe I can get to join you in the main event. Good luck.

Ty buddy, and i really hope to see u there, not just saying, i really mean it, hope more guys that i know from BRM to see reged in there Thumbs Up

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