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Does anyone know what are prizes on christmas calendar on pokerstars? I know that they said that they are giving away Golden Sit & Go’s, Milestone Hands, Freerolls, PCA Giveaways, Challenges, Christmas Giveaways and Mega Bonuses. but does anyone know what are precise prizes?

... Big Smile< Who knows what Santa put behind the doors,'s a big secret,... Blink

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Well! As far as I can work out the prizes on offer are Golden Sit & Go’s, Milestone Hands, Freerolls, PCA Giveaways, Challenges, Christmas Giveaways and Mega Bonuses!

Sorry.....I'm so excited that demo is about to pee his little pink panties that I'm about to pee mine! Well, they're not actually mine cos mine wouldn't be quite so small...... But that's another story. It's nearly CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAS!

7% deposit bonus... bo nus. why does b o nus disappear :o

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I have bug on my christmas calender... its some wierd stuff and I dont understand anything O.o

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... Big Smile< Same here... Seems to be some glitch. Won't show a prize or whatever,...and wtf is with playing 999,000 hands to complete a task?(pic below) I emailed them and this is what they said,...can anybody make sense of this...:

Hello resident of The People's Republic of Canuckistan,

Thank you for contacting PokerStars.

Please note Milestone hands are not dealt in multi-table tournaments, Sit & Gos, or Spin & Gos and for a very important reason - to maintain the integrity of the tournament itself. If a milestone hand was to occur at a tournament table, the added value of winning that one hand would be so big that every player at that table would have no incentive to fold. The entirety of the event would be affected by that one external influence. For that reason, milestone hands will only be dealt in cash ring games (Zoom excluded).

When we run milestone hands promotions such as this one, our server recognises when the milestone hand is about to hit and momentarily pauses tournaments and play money games so that the key hand is dealt at a real money ring game table. The pause is so short that players would not be able to notice it, so it does not affect their game play at all.

Other than this, we do not get involved in the selection of the lucky table at all. The server simply deals hand numbers sequentially to ring game tables until the milestone hand is dealt, then continues with all tables as normal. All real money ring game tables (excluding Zoom and Home Games) are eligible and none are favoured in any way.

For more detailed information on the Milestone Hands promotion and all 25 of the daily Christmas Calendar Promotions, visit the "Challenge" tab in the main lobby.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you have further questions, and thank you for joining us in the celebrations!


PokerStars Support Team

same here, same pic, and I also sended them mail, but still no response

I suppose the daily reward is that there are every 250.000 hands a cashprize is being rewarded for being playing at the table. That is what i get from the text

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