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Day 5-9 - Grinding it up!

It has been a busy couple of days, the reports have lacked due to that fact. I have tried to play as much as I've been able to, on average 1-2 hours a day for the last 3-4 days. That time has mainly been spent on Zoom tables and $0.01/$0.02 stakes. I have recently changed my tactics in the micro-stakes cash game tables. My style and approach to the other players has changed drastically. I play a straight-forward game with barely no bluffs.

The first two days were really bad for me, I thought I played good and avoided tilting my chips away but the cards were against me. I was all-in pre-flop twice in two days of playing. Once with aces on a 4-bet pot and once with A-K suited when a player shoved on me in the small blind. My aces held up against Jacks but I took a really bad beat on the A-K suited hand. My opponent showed A-K off suit and I thought to myself: "Freeroll!", but the luck turned against me. He hit runner-runner to river a flush, a hand that caused me to lose both chips and temper.

After a couple of days with no profit I felt the pressure to get some profit on wednesday. After coming home from school after an 8 hour lecture my brain didn't function as well as needed to which caused me to take a break after just a couple of minutes. The reason why the break came so early is because I called a raise on the river after my open-ended straight draw got completed on the river. The only problem was that I didn't actually get the straight, I had 7-9s on a 10-x-8-x board and a Queen came on the river. The pot didn't end up costing me a fortune but it was a clear signal for me to stop playing.

I'm still in the 20s, my bankroll is currently at $28.
The focus is now on freerolls and zoom tables on the side. The primary target is $50, hopefully I can reach in the forthcoming days!

Thanks for the kind messages!

Yeah, I have had a better start then I could wish for.
Skpmorita: Do you mean the BRM Freerolls? If so, I'm playing them all the time!
Ingrind: I think that IKEA is a large factor in poker, so visit often Smile

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You surely have to quit your bluffing habits as long as you will be grinding NL2, NL4 maybe you could add it from time to time (an only when facing good players) at NL10.

I'd recommend to play only ABC basic and solid poker and you will get your rewards; people will call you from behind whatever Ax or toppair whatever kicker and so on. Sometimes they will get lucky but keep on playing that way without tilting and you will see your BR growing.
You just have to be happy if you are ahead once all the chips are in and cards are face up: do not care the final outcome of the hand: in the long run you will win.

Good job til now, good luck for the future and keep us posted
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How is it going with the challenge? Still in the 20's?

What going on? No posts in a week? Would be interesting to hear, if you are still going as strong. Smile

Good idea with this challenge and great reasults. Hope you'll going well and not writing because of playing so much poker, not because of bankrupt Blink

One week is not that long. And at this point of the year it isnt that easy for many
playing poker. You need to have too much free time in your hands to play poker now.
Unless it is a very good tournament that you can squeeze in.
Especially if it is a freeroll Smile
Good luck with your goal.

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