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Hi everyone,
So the question is very simple and it actually made me think.
Nowadays in Portugal we are not allowed to play real money on the most famous and know and legal online poker tables because of the law. There will be licenses for all these sites to accept portuguese players, but no one can say when will that happen. Which means, we can't play online poker with you felow mobsters and every online players from other countries.
But, a few days ago, a friend of mine told me that it was possible to turn play money into real money in PS. One would have to gather about 2 million chips and that would be converted to $20. Taking in consideration i can't play real right now, i thought "why not distract myself with some play money, maybe i can get to a 2 million play money chips bankroll and then i would turn them into real money". It doesn't seem like an easy task, once you start with 1,000 play money chips, but at least there would be an objetive playing it.
Is this true? Is it possible? Any one of you mobsters ever tried it?
Tell me about it!
Enjoy your game! Cool

I heard something about this a long time ago, don't remember if it was at stars or some other site, but i remember it was one of the main sites, like stars or tilt.
But it was a lot larger amount, you had to earn 50 million play chips, and they would allow you to convert it to $50.00 real money.
may you can email them and ask.
If it's true then you can start building your bankroll with play money, so that when you able to play with real money you can convert it.

I have over 30 millions of play money on PokerStars. And i never found a way to turn them in real money even if it was only $20.00 real money i would sell them.

You can't transfer more than 1,000 play money to another player in one day. So i wonder how you could sell them. Question Question Question

selling them would be back to the poker site.
But i do remember now.
It was Ultimate bet that did this, and it was 50 million play money for $50.00
I remember i was going to try but i didn't.
still wouldn't hurt to ask.
if stars do this.

And actually it would be great marketing tool.
Give a player play money, if he turns it into 50 million then give him $50.00
If a player can turn , say 5000 play money into 50 million
you know how much revenue they could generate with real money.
After all refer a friend and when he get's 200 fpp's they pay you $75.00
This would be actually cheaper for them.

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I think it was Facebook Tongue

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