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well im going to be brutally honest and im ashamed, i havent been playing poker. for a while.

but now that my job at the solar farm is on layoff until spring i decided f**k it, im home almost 24/7 now so i booted up my pc and hopped on stars. an offer of a minimum of 5$ just for puttin in the code cash5 or something like that(didnt even have to make my deposit). twas a nice premature xmas present stars. a quick 10 bones to play with when its a time of year where most of my money is accounted for already. much appriciated. also u guys should boot up stars if u havent in a while, maybe your entitled to the promotion also.

Dollar Dollar Thumbs Up Worship

also made my return back to brm, hi to all the people that i recognize.

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welcome back, hope you will stick around Blink

Pfffft me eather havent play much in weeks lol something happend with my last deposit the bank declined my payment so instadebit locked my account until i pay pokerstars 13 more $ lol. Never had a deposit issue with instadebit before and had plenty of money in account to cover the 20$ cdn. I got 30 days to pay them back to unlock my instadebit but im so pissed off at stars after the thousands of $ i put online this year without issue that theyd ding me for 13$ i may just say f**k u stars n instadebit and play elseweres. Welcome back Smile sorry hadda vent not to amused this morning

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nice free money
i tried it but nothing comes Sad
anyway glad you got it , hope you can make a nice bankroll out of that 5$
welcome back to Brm
we have Christmas game next week in stars , maybe you should join friend
best of luck

Tnx bro for the code, but im not valid for that promo, said to find out i had to contact support, i didnt feel like it, it would probably be, coz im not the correct time zone to receive the bonus, like "This video is not available in your country" youtube message, i can only say, bite me, it would surprise me if any of the balkan states were actually good for any bonus, but i guess not much love is there for balkan players, so in the name of all of us to PS and YOUTUBE YUCK FOUUUUUUUUUUUUU Big Smile

Interesting job you got there Smile

Probably you got that offer, cause you had a long time to play there,
so i doubt that the code will work for any other players.

Welcome back and good luck on your games.

yeah i was lucky and they gave me 10, plus after a few hours of just playing some 1/2nlhe ive turned almost a 25% profit on it already. feels like im playing a lot better after this break, my patience is on another plateau and im not just trying to outplay someone everyhand.

the nit life is boring but its safe. Dollar

The best Rhum all times and people. My assessment on 5+ and so to hold. And for beginners there many privileges were and will be even more.)

Tried to find a place to enter the promo code you had, but no luck. And I'm from Canada as well.

Hi this was only for 48 hours or less , wish I read it at the time.... Aww crap!

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