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Posted by damosk:
It all depends on the value you place on partypoints. If you have earned your partypoints, then they have true value and you need to be cognisant of this in determining the outcome value. If you have won them on the riddle, or elsewhere, then they have no true value and only imaginary value (which I assume will equate to their true value), however if playing with these free points then the return on investment is far greater. The difficulty I guess is knowing whether, at any one time, you are playing with earned points or won points! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

I disagree.

It doesn't matter whether they were earned or won, they still have the same value when assigned to tournaments.

So it will be more +ev if you have a game worth $200 and 80 players than $200 and 350 players.

Imagine you win $100 and have to play it in a mtt. You get two choices.

Both mtt's have 300 players.
But one is for $1000 and one is for $5000.
There is more value in the $5000.

The fact you have won the $100 to start with doesn't change that

I agree with the value $100.00 = $100.00 in any case however if you had not found the $100.00 and your BR does not permit you to play a $100.00 then you just can't win anything.

The same question applied to the points if the riddle never existed the only way to have points would have been paying rake. So could you afford to play tournaments with your points. Question Question

It's irrelevant whether I could or not. All that matters is points are worth a value.

Is my English so bad when i say that i agree with the value.

My point in marqis post was the rakeback and he agreed with me.

So did I Tongue

Posted by marqis:
Posted by IceQueenAce:
I should play a few more of these I guess

They are actually not great value; $250 prize pool for 342 players is only $0.73 expected value. Considering the buy-in of 20 party points, which equals $10 in rake, that's only 7.3% rakeback.
If I thought I could get to gold-status, I'd just buy $100 cash for 1500 party points, which equals 13% rakeback.

The BRM Sunday game if by far the best value at close to 100% rakeback, but as callie pointed out, I could play those every week for the next 7 years without generating any more points...

Hey Marqis! Your approach to points is right. Their value is irrelevant if you play freerolls with them. You have to calculate their actual value based on the amount of players and prizepool of the tournament.

I think one of the good one with points is the 1000$ 50 points freeroll on Sunday called the "weekly loyalty tournament". I've played it twice with no success but I think I'll keep trying.


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