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... Big Smile< ...Hey,...I'll take $2 for free and for doing not much...! I noticed $2 appeared in my FT account, then this email...:

(Anybody else get free cash,...and how much...?)

This is an automated message sent from Full Tilt Poker.

Player ID: dumpydawg
Date and Time: 2015-12-17 20:27:10
Transfer Number: PAY1A8CBD7453
Amount: $2.00 (USD)


Full Tilt Poker has completed your payment. The funds are now available in your account.

Thank you for playing at Full Tilt Poker.

Seems like somebody tried to transfer money to one of his friends and sent it to you instead Big Smile First time I see that happening but I'm sure this happened many many times before and with bigger amounts... lol.

Or maybe it's pokerking76 stalking you to give you money on every site you play Blink

Or maybe its Santa Claus!

hi Demo i got the same e-mail with 2 Dollar
i dont know where it come from Confused

Diese Nachricht wurde automatisch von Full Tilt Poker erstellt und versendet.

Spieler-ID: Teiwaz War
Datum und Uhrzeit: 2015-12-17 06:06:08
Zahlungsnummer: PAY1A8C24C54E
Betrag: $2.00 (USD)


Full Tilt Poker hat eine Einzahlung an Ihr Konto vorgenommen. Der Betrag steht Ihnen nun zur Verfügung.

Vielen Dank, dass Sie bei Full Tilt Poker spielen.

Edited by teiwaz (18 December 2015 @ 11:56 GMT)

what is this ?
some people sending 2$ to Full-Tilt members randomly ?
maybe they won big and decided to spread the holiday spirit
as for me i did not get nothing
well considered it as a gift and use it well Big Smile
i am gonna go check again and see if i got something Big Smile

I also got two dollars, I'm going to check my mail to see what's up.

My first thought was: huh did I get rakeback????

I can remember a long time ago people played on fulltilt and got some rakeback. There was a site who gave you a code and you needed to opt-in. Maybe it was bankrollmob.
Anyway I don't think this is possible now.
Also there was a pokerschool/assignments where you can earn tickets and ftp by completing tasks/missions. That looked also fun to do, too bad I joined to too late. 5 years ago I hated poker Big Smile

Lol cheers good haul mate, keep up the good work at the poker tables also we need to keep up training and be better at poker and all, and this can be achieved by playing a lot and studying the same amount, all play and no study make you lose money and all, so good luck mate have fun at the tables hope you do well and make some good money at the tables and all cheers peace out im going now have to rest and play some poker!

ill tell ya what that is - if ya all recently played cash game and knockout by your oponent - then u have been automaticly registerd for cash game flip freeroll where the minimum prize is 2$. Mistery solved Smile

You're always getting money, tickets or something out of the blue demo, are you just lucky or do they all just like you. Smile Thumbs Up Worship

hmm time to check my ftp account it seems ! Big Smile


... Big Smile< I think our frien Buva has hit the nail on the head teddy...! Same thing has happened to me in ZOOM or whatever...!

... Big Smile< Probably something to do with The Deal or Break the Bank or whatever...!

... Big Smile< NOW, take down that Deal Jackpot....!!! Evil< Bwuaaa-Haaaa-Haaaaa....heheee....

I`ve said it a thousand times and ill say it million more, no1 deserves it more then you Big Smile
Well mb pochui, to keep his pot addiction going, not much u can buy with 2 Dollar but it will add just that much more Tongue
Snooped around my email, found no such e-mail surprise for me Aww crap!
Ahhh well ill just have to get them the old hard way, take`em on the poker table Big Smile

When u win 10 prizes in the deal u got 2 dolars.


Lucky for you to find $2 in your Account at full tilt poker is nowhere safe to have good luck sameone to send money even dear friend from time to put your name put yours that you had luck. But it would have been better to go and find $100 enjoy your prize but luck. Bye

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