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omg This was an insane hand  0   
Lol I admit to getting lucky here however I shoved with pocket 9's and well everyone was calling and raising so I said lets gamble.


Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

After the preflop action, and with some players with fairly low stacks, it was unavoidable that half the table would end all in on the flop. Bit risky play, cause beside the middelish pocket pair you only had the option for a hearts flush as a plan B.

I don't think I would've called the initial 17 cents there. Which committed you to calling the 85 because of pot odds and multiple callers. A992 is a good Omaha Hi/low hand but this is omaha hi. If it was double suited I wouldn't mind this play but it was a pretty bad call.

Think about it this way, you're just set mining in PLO. This is bad especially because your set will probably not be the nuts even if it hits and it won't hit very often. Besides, what else can you hit? 345, A2? You can't hit much there. You want draws along with your sets/pairs in PLO Blink But you won the hand and that's what matters just don't make a habit of this cause it can cost you in the long run.

all I got to say here is noce profit... Blink

Don't get me wrong though, it's not a huge mistake. It's just very much on the gambling side of things Big Smile

Of course with that flop you know you have second nuts and you're never folding but I wouldn't be surprised to see someone holding JJ in that situation. The original raiser smooth called the 85 cents so that means he doesn't have AA in his hand. So most likely he has KK, QQ or JJ. And other players could easily be in that range too. Smile

Nice hand you had there. A bit risky but its omaha and you never know what can happen
This would have been a good hand also for h/l with the A2. In this case you could have
chased the low too. But im not one of those chasing like that preflop with A2 only Smile

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