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Well everyone, didn't quite meet my goals from last year, only obtained about 2200 in winnings and finishing the year -700 ish dollars, however almost reached my goal of 5000 vvps on stars, about 4400 right now. Anyhow I wish Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

My goals set for next year are, start Jan 1, 2016 with 100.00 bankroll and try to play with pure dedication and thought. I would like to finish next year in the Green and not the Red, I feel if I can reach these goals then I can work on that and at the very least have fun doing it. My dream would be to use poker winnings to buy my first Porsche, I have an insanely long way to go but I know it can be done with some luck and dedication.

G'day mates

Well I did not reach any of my poker goals in 2015.
The health factor was my biggest obstacle this last year.
Was unable to play anywhere near the amount which would have been needed to reach my goals.
My goals for 2016 will be simple ones.

1. I would like to make just $100 profit each month playing poker.
2. I want to get healthier and lose some weight..

I hope these two goals will become a reality.
I Wish you all the best.
be cool

Ronin Cool

yEA i also want a new Ford Mustang so i will be working on that for the whole year and i hope im gonna have some spare money left to pay a whore to wash the same car i buy. If i buy it. iF no she can wash me Big Smile

G'day mate

I must say your response and statement about a whore was rather uncalled for.
I mean no offence but I think your new Mustang deserves better treatment then any it would receive from such an unmotivated person.
Perhaps you are the better choice for your dirty washing techniques. LOL
I would point out that my goal of $100 a month can be achieved easily just by making $3.33 every day on average.
$3.33 is easily made in a single day, I make much more then that on some days.
I just need to play with discipline and patience....
Hmmm ... on 2nd thought I am screwed Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

be cool

Ronin Cool

Better luck this year xgcsnippy.
At the end any amount of profit is better than a loss.
So i hope no matter what you will be able to finish the next year on a good plus in poker.
Poker of course is a follow up in life, for most of us in here.
Except a couple of few playing professionally.

Guys... Good luck with your targets for this year. My only advice would be to keep it real and do your best to stay within your limits. Don't go chasing lost causes and work on making your winnings work for you to make even more money. Good luck and see you at the felts soon.

Is make a target not affect to your play ? could you play loose ? which one better : just try to play well every hand or make a target ? cause I think poker always need feeling or intuition to make a decision. How do you think ? please share Smile Smile

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 ALL Big Smile Big Smile

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