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Cat Shelter Accused of Using Donations for Online Gambling

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Posted on 04 January 2016 by "T".
An Australian charity loses its license to operate due to the allegation that the owner has been using the donations for online gambling. Help Save Furry Ones, the name of the cat shelter in Australia, was founded in 2011 by Nicky Hocking. Hocking was actually a former pole dancer who is a confessed cat lady as well. Her charity takes in stray and unwanted kittens. Dini Soulio, the local Liquor[...]   Read more » Cat Shelter Accused of Using Donations for Online Gambling

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ha ha ha... well maybe "Help Save the Furry Ones" wasn't actually about kittens at all, having in mind that the owner of this so called charity organization was a former pole dancer... maybe she was referring to the ladies who have the 80's style below their bellies... "Help to save the furry pussies" LOL

Not really surprised at this story,people will resort to any means possible to get money if they get into a gambling slump and in the last 5 10 years charity has become more like a business for alot of organisations rather than actually trying to help.
In the UK some charity directors are on 250k a year which is not really helping any charity in my opinion.

If somehow she have won a good sum of money with the gambling, perhaps the news would be other. But it would always be negative, i guess. The risk should always be considered too high to be taken for an entity wich search to help someone in need.


... Big Smile< THAT is totally disgusting...! My black panther-like alpha-puss Finster has his back hair all up in a bunch after seeing THIS....! Eh Finster,...wu got wu bwak hai aww up in a bunch now...! There there...! Nice kitty...!

... Big Smile< Funny thing,...I plan to LEAVE all my assets to the local animal shelter when I go to the big Final Table in the sky...!!! Big Smile Sleepy

This is a brilliant story, especially as the cat is now out of the to speak. It's always a temptation for some people especially when they think they can increase the available charity money by gambling it! I feel pretty sorry for the poor miscreant. Maybe they could sign up to BRM and earn some points and poker playing tips to improve their chances next time!

Posted by pochui:
"Help to save the furry pussies" LOL

Yeah, such an honest goal for a charity. One would think that especially in Australia people would think twice to gave money away to an organization which ran by potential 'cat ladies' but tbh I am glad she spending it on gambling rather than cats. I am allergic to cats.

what an awful thing to do...glad that shes exposed before she gets more free donations from innocent people. i have realized there are a few people on the net or on these kind of forums asking for donations for so called studies etc which i think is rubbish and not true....!!!!

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