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What do u recommend Skrill or Neteller?  0   
For drawing money from ATM`s, and withdraw fee`s in general...

i don't know about Skrill
but i did withdrew couple of thousands dollars from ATM using Neteller Card
it was smooth but they did take a double fee ..
first fee : exchanging dollars to my currency
second fee : 6 dollars each time i used the ATM
hope another mobster would inform you about Skrill , so you can make a wise choice

Hello there,

Thank you for starting this thread,

questions for all people using these "wallets" and I want to know people's experience before I am making an account on either one of them.

- Do you have to pay much to transfer money to you bank account?

- How much does it cost to pay for other stuff on websites etc.

- to send to people with the same account?

I can not find the exact rates on the website... Confused

also, maybe any dutch people know how much % it costs to send it to your account?

thank you!

The two wallets are basicly the same (they have the same corporate owner) and everything you need to know is right on their own website.
Here on this forum there are several people who are begging sometimes for five dollars on PS so I don't think so that one or two dollars worth of difference in withdrawal fees would matter that much tbh.

At the moment Neteller still has the higher fees, compared to Skrill. But as they are owned by the same parent company now, i expect a movement to comparable fees in the near future.

Personaly i prefer Skrill. All went smoothly there. At Neteller i am more answering or changing security questions, than using their service.

"The main important fees like depositing and withdrawal fees, especially for non-VIPs, are much lower at Skrill compared to NETELLER.
There are two exceptions for which NETELLER provides lower fees than Skrill does: The currency exchange fees are much lower in average and peer to peer transfers are free of charge for NETELLER customers while Skrill customers pay 1% of the transferred amount that is capped at 10 EUR for non-VIPs and at 1 EUR for VIPs."

Excerpts from:

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thank you, for the useful information. Worship

well i was kinda disappointed to see the ownership change tbh. skrill was well ahead of neteller in my eyes, but now i guess it's only a matter of time when fees will be adjusted to the regular shitty level. hard to say which one is better for you now mr OP- you need to check their websites for yourself, since atm there are slight differences between both (like different upload/withdrawal options depending on your country of residence, different fee's for same withdrawal options etc.). there's really no better one, you need to look at exact situation and then compare them.

NETELER!!!! Smile Smile Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I am using Neteller cause of their great reward points program and there are also some kind of draws
which depends on ur deposit amount u might b in that lottery thing to win money when doing. Sometimes is tickets for some football derby, Superbawl and other - u get the point now. Thumbs Up

Ok here`s what i found when withdrawing money with their cards from ATM`s...
Skrill Cash withdrawal Paying in shops, restaurants or online FREE OF CHARGE
Bank transfer top-up FREE OF CHARGE
Receiving cash FREE OF CHARGE
Online statement FREE OF CHARGE
Pin re-issue FREE OF CHARGE
Cash withdrawal*
*Local ATM surcharges may apply. GBP 1.35 (EUR 1.80)
Annual card fee GBP 7.51 (EUR 10.00)
Neteller card Free to pay in shops, restaurants, or online
2.95% (1) foreign exchange fee
8.00 GBP shipping and handling fee
3.00 GBP cash withdrawal fee
8.00 GBP to replace a lost card

Even if it is the same company now the promotions and fees asre still different for each of the wallets.
Check to see the charges for your country and then what you will be using your card the most for.
Also have in money the currency exchange fees.

Be careful here and dont do the mistak,e to get a card in a different currency than the one your ewallet has. That will be an additional currency exchange.

Mober what do u mean different currency card then my ewallet?
My wallet is in EUR, i assume the card will be in EUR to, but im gonna withdraw money from an ATM thats in different currency so the 2.95% currency exchange goes for Neteller and 2.99-4.99% for skrill, coz i can not withdraw EUR`s from the ATM`s in my country coz they are in a different currency.
Is that what u were thinking when u said careful?

If i remember right, when requesting a card, you need to choose the currency of the card.
It is not set automatically, according to your ewallet's currency.
And if you choose a different one, you will get charged with currency conversion fees,
every time you use your card, regardless of the currency you are requesting money.

Example: Skrill account Euro, Skrill card USD, requesting a cash out in euro, from ATM.
You will pay a fee from euro to USD, and then another one from USD to euro for the ATM. Smile

So be very careful and pick Euro as your card's currency Smile

Ty Mober for the info, ill lookout for this, not to make a mistake like that. Thumbs Up

Neteller is good only charger 2% but has good prizes and free money I have my neteller account. And quietly playing online at my favorite poker games. Luck choose the one that best suits you. Goodbye

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