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like title said, but want opinion from cash game players that play regular at least NL10... could I get out of this? Did I played it right?

I don't agree you bet on flop cause he reraised ( big ).Since he big reraised he should be had big hand ( AK, AQ, AA, KK, QQ ) Better waiting his move first, if he bet half pot I prefer fold, just bet pot I would call. Turn made you in trouble, right ?In your case, I prefer fold on his bet on turn , I quest he hit two pair or three of kind.

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When playing NL5 I use to openraise 4 or even 5BB if I'm in early position to avoid the lots of drawer/callers that populate those stakes.
Then you have a caller and a squeezer: I would reraise that squeeze at least 2.5-3X (so 1.25-1.50) to see where he is.
Now you have to evaluate.
It's up to you (if reraised) to decide if you want to go allin preflop with AK or not.
I would personally go allin with AK.

you have nut flushdraw.
Sometimes I cBet that draws (as you did) and sometimes I check/raise them.
There are three reasons to c/r imo:
1) oppo would eventually fold seeing such strong move and that drawy board
2) you build the pot up and that's good in case you hit your flush
3) In case you are called you will likely receive a free card on turn (I mean you check turn and oppo may be scared of being reraised again and could check behind you)

So I would have payed it differently but likely the outcoume would have been the same Cool

Everything of what above is stated without any read about your oppo of course because we haven't any read here.
If you know he is a solid rock rather than a manic bluffer then ...

Villain reraised after a raise and a call, and there were still people acting after him. This is an indication of a strong hand, unless the table is really loose, or player is on tilt. You hit the flop nicely with the nut flush draw, but i guess that was what sealed the deal. If we give him a strong hand, we can hardly beat anything, when the flush doesn`t come in. Maybe KK and JJ, AJ. AQ and QQ has us beat.

here is situation what was my thinking... My HUD says that he is preaty tight player, so when he 3-bet preflop, I know he had AA,KK or AK, didnt think he had like QQ,JJ or that he was weaker than that, so flop come for me, and I had nut flush drow, I bet flop to scare him if he have hand like AK, but he reraised, so I know he eather have KK or AA, and my plan on turn was to bet if club comes (ofcourse) and if something else comes than consider fold if he bet too big... so flop comes out ace, and he bet a lot... In first I was sure that he had AA, and wanted to fold, but after thinking little, my toughts were that he would do the same if he has KK, bet to scarre me of pot, also I have FD if I am wrong and he do have aces there... when river falled and he shoved, I know he had aces, but because of pot odds I had to call...

by the way to sum it up, if turn didnt come ace I would most likely fold there after huge bet...

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like one before said outcome would be same but i shove preflop or check/all in on flop Smile
really dont like ur passive play tho.
sometimes u can fold AK prefloop and this was situation to do so ( like u said he was tight player and 3bet was from middle position and kinda big one)

just my 2 cents Smile

gl bro with ur games

Not that it would matter this time, but prefolp raise was too small for my taste. I dont play on PS, so maybe its a style there.
From my fishy point of view, you wouldnt bet, if you had flopped flush. I play 5/10 c pretty regurlar, but i dont consider my self even near "pro". So if your opponent did even think about it, he assumed you dont have it yet. Maybe. Or he did only see hes AA. But as you say, hes rather tight player, so probably he did put you on AK- AQ, KK with one club. I mean, if youd have AK or AJ club, you wouldnt bet

I can tell one thing- no way i would shove preflop here. I mean AK is great hope, but thats it, hope, that you hit. To bad, it happened on turn, after that you were basically committed.

Ok. In my humble opinion here is how I see it. After your appropriate raise as the first to bet, you were flat call followed and then reraised. I would have liked to have seen you reraise again. This way you are really testing the strength of your opponents hand and you would have got rid of the sandwiched player at the same time. You are out of position, so need to show strength. As it is, when the flop came, it was a pretty good flop but you pretty much c bet rather than piling on the power. Either way, he may have called you, but you were rep ping at least a flush draw or something better than him. When he raised your bet, I would have been thinking of folding, or at the very least playing hard.

At no stage were you really commanding this hand, especially given you were out of position, you put him on AA and yet continued to play.

These are the vagaries of poker and how we find it difficult to fold once we have invested money. But ending up losing more.

thank you guys, got preaty good opinions here, and realy good thinking Blink

I think you played the hand pretty well despite losing it. I would've most likely tried a 4bet pre flop and then see if vilain 5bets or not. If he does, then it's easy to put him on a big pair but that doesn't mean you can dodge this bullet, especially on this flop.

Sometimes I would flat call there just like you did which is probably the best play but you do lose control of the pot. On the flop I would've probably not lead out like you did. I would check raise. I don't know how he would've reacted to that though so can't tell if that could've changed the dynamic of the hand or not. Doesn't look like he wanted to fold. But maybe he put you on a flush draw when you lead out on the flop and stuck with his read.

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