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who has experience with this aplication,its about shares for buying and selling,can u tell me is it good or is it some kind of scam?

I've heard if u sign in u get 25$ bonus

There are scam sites and there are honest sites , but it takes lots of knowledge to make money on those sites, even if they are honest. Lots of knowledge about stocks, currencys, raw goods, markets, options, futures.
Do you know, what is stock?
Do you know, what is option?
Do you know, what is future?
If you can answer all those questions, you are smarter then me and you can start learning more, so after gathering more knowledge, you can try to make money.
Otherwise you shuld stick with your winning roulette system ( i cant believe, i just said that Smile
So that gives you idea, how hard it is to make money on those sites.
But you can try with that bonus, see, where it takes you, maybe you are natural born trader.

hahahahh im not saying that mine system is invincible,im saying that its working for me,i dont know when im going to lose but so far its good.
about this 500 plus thing,first i would like to hear some opinions from people who tried this

Anbody, who has stocks and knows little about stockmarket, currency trading, options etc., can tell you its not easy to make money trading.
You say you want to hear opinion from people, who have used it.
I have worked at casino 10 years, but you still say you have winning syste. How much experienced must be the person, who tells you, that trading is very hard.
15 years?

Btw, do you know, what means stocks, options, futures. If you dont, then trust me, trading is not for you yet. Then it would be like casino, purely hoping to get lucky.

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Better off depositting it straight to my bank , atleast someone has a use for it then.

Did you take the bonus 25, toni?
Looks like nobody has used this site before, so you cant get any "expert" opinion.
But again, let us know, if you take it and what happens.

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