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I registered on and i deposit over 10$
after i send document and they say your documents have been accepted and verified by the Security. After i play tourname poker won on $200.
I withdraw $99 they cancel (2 days waiting) Aww crap!
i send email and they no reply after i withdraw $98 (2days waiting) they cancel. Aww crap!
I do not know english very well, sorry

Probably they cancelled your withdrawal because you haven't cleared your free bonus yet. Allow a few more days to pass and you should get an answer from them.

Thomas BRM Admin

good to know that now,well keep trying i hope u will be able to withdraw your winnings

Posted by sirthomas:
Probably they cancelled your withdrawal because you haven't cleared your free bonus yet. Allow a few more days to pass and you should get an answer from them.

Thomas BRM Admin

I deposit no code bonus Sleepy ,

Posted by tonibralic:
good to know that now,well keep trying i hope u will be able to withdraw your winnings

Since you havent used any promotional code, then what sirThomas suggested is not the
Keep trying with them. It might be something simple, although i cant understand why
they are not replying faster.

Havent heard of the room before, probably a new one, so they may have noob problems Smile

UPDATED: has not paid me and no reply.

The weird thing with this site of course is that i managed to see their website.
Since i doubt they have a license to operate here legally, i believe they havent noticed this one
yet Smile
There is no phone number from what i saw, which makes things complicated each and every time.

Give it some more time, by also sending more emails to them, politely of course Smile
and if nothing happens try the gaming authority.

I knew it,that's all I can say,as soon as I knew it was on the poker mira network,it was the same thing,just different name,I hope they they pay you,and like sirthomas said maybe you didn't make enough points or some thing...

Didnt know they are in the same network as mira Smile
That alone is a flag there.
Although the fact that they are in the same network doesnt mean, they will act
in the same way.

This post by STACIONAR has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
hmm..another similar case from new poker site. Why they don't built trust even broke it ? And they never try give explanation directly if they are at the right side. I hope you would get paid Sam.
let us know when you get it. Maybe they just late.

I believe there are sites that just fail to operate properly, due to the traffic they get.
But i also believe that some are opening sites, with their only intention to scam as many money
they can and then go out of business.
But you never know which case is which Smile

they are BIG,BIG SCAM!why?beacuse few hours ago I made registration trough BRM link and done everything like BRM say in terms!send mail for 5 $ free and after arround 1 h,my money was at account!played poker and casino games to try to unlock other bonus that we need to get,for ever 200 points 10 $ free,till 100 $!
so after couple hours of playing I made arround 75 $!only problems had few times at slots,so I needed to reload game and again I could play slot!and then sudenly they loged out me and when I tryed to log in again,there was error and that I need to contact administrator!
then I send mail to them,beacuse live chat didn work and asked them this:

Whats happening with my account?why is locked?played casino for long time,everything was good,except few reloads at slots and now cant log in at my account!this is only way to contact you,beacuse live chat doesnt work!my username is dulevu !

this was answer from them:

Dear dulevu!

Account locked due to violation of item 9.1. License Agreement:

9.1. A User may only have one account on GOOD DAY 4 PLAY support team
and shall only use the Service using such single account. Furthermore a
User shall not permit another person to use the Service via his account.
We only allow access to playing games on the Poker Room through secured
networks using encryption of the user name and password. You cannot play
games on the Poker Room without passing our customer security login.

The decision of the Security Service GOOD DAY 4 PLAY support team is
final and not subject to reconsideration.

GOOD DAY 4 PLAY support team.

20 min ago,I answered them (now wait for another answer):
but where is problem?I only have one account at your site!I did open my account today,trough BRM link,never had account at your site!played poker and casino for few hours,everything was good!nobody else used my account and everything was good with my network!and for what customer security login you talking about?
you only did this,beacuse I started to make money and was on wining strike!this is not fair and I did not make any mistake or viloation at your site!
please be fair and unlock my account!

So far from all the rules that i have read in all the sites, they have this term
which drives me crazy, but you have to accept this in order to be able and sign up.

And this is : Our decision is final !
So no matter if you are right or wrong, they are terminating communication with you,
and thats it.

Maybe their program is not good !! made some mistake I mean. My problem is couldn't redownload poker mira software . Old program gone cause I reinstall my computer's program. When I made new download always fail , the comment is corrupted etc --etc. For GD4P I never succeed to download. If they are not check the program just wait when will they closed !! lol

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