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Is it true that in online poker rooms play bots which are supervised by that poker room?

This is copy pasted from T&C. I have blanked the poker rooms name:

"in games offered via the ****network name**** which benefit from more players or greater liquidity we may deploy electronic players (known as robots, and whose usernames will be "bot" who are pre programmed to play and join in with the game in order to assist the liquidity or the number of players gaming."

I hope some of you will start reading T&C`s after this. Smile

And will they be programmed to know real player cards? Shock

I don`t know. i did not program them.

Reality or legend?
I dont now!
God exist?
I dont now.

Yer I think some sites do, so i here, mainly to open more tables i think, there are also some sites that will pay you to play poker, but dont know how the "cut" works, but saying that I dont think it is a consern.

This doesnt sound right.I cant believe that the bigger pokerrooms do this. Maybe rooms with own software.
I recieved a small no deposit bonus at a poker room called 5apoker or something like that. Im pretty sure that that room is a big scam. The other players came from some strange places mostly asia. Never any chat. And always in limit cash game they raised a raise on river and then folded when got raised again. I made a small fortune but never could cash out.

If pokerrooms want to pay someone to play i think its okey. As long as they have the same rules as the other players.

Think so too, not a problem if they don`t get any advantages. Cant see a difference between someone being paid by the pokerroom and someone trying to get paid from opponents Blink

I don`t know if those bots can see the cards or not but they are reality on that network. I don`t want to take chances so I don`t play there anymore. Yes they act similar to those on 5A poker, raise, raise and then reraise if they hit anything. So bluffing is not so much of a good idea. Sometimes they do make preflop calls with really stupid cards and hitting action flop like, me hitting set with aces and they make a low straight with 3-5off and such. I don`t bother with freerolls there either even though i have my account validated and ready to make withdrawal.

I don't think bots can be fair at all. They just wouldn't react like a real human being would in any way. I play online poker to play against real people, not against bots!

I think bots are things to worry about.
I think there are a lot playin winning poker with SST poker on $1/$2 fixed holdem.
On higher limits they got busted i think cos there are better players there.

But for sure sometin to think about................

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