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I finally won a ticket with great odds. I can't belive it. Last match Carmelita - Cartagines from Costa Rica, didn't find a stream to watch it live, so i watch it on a live score until 70 min. It was 0 - 0. I decided to go watch a tv show and watch it after. For 1 hour i kept my crossfinger, i needed 2 goals in that game, no matter who score. They scored in min 81 and 90. Levante - Celta , min 90 for the 3rd goal that i needed Worship
1st pic with my win ticket
And there are other 2 tickets, with 36 odds and 204 odds, only 1 goal needed in both of them Sad

Have a nice day / night and GL Worship

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well you won 100$... nice win Blink

A nice win indeed while your bet was small Smile Cause you are chasing a bit of miracles here,
with so many games.
Have you made any profit of this kind of betting so far, since it is not easy to win one.
SO your losses must be in a row time after time Smile

well yeah. I like low risk, hich paid. In betting there is no shure win in my opinion, so yeah, i have looses time after time untill i get it. The thing is i don't loose on betting a large amount of money, unless. And plus i played for fun. And i'm more satisfied when i win in a 10+ games ticket Big Smile
I see ppls going crazy with 2-5 games and want to double up $40- $1000 and they loose.
My next ticket is about 103 odds with 10 games. Hope it will work again Big Smile

Have a nice day / night and GL

congratz Smile

Actually you are chasing a bit more than you should.
Perhaps you could make more profit, by playing less games to increase your chances.
If you chase such bets, then go for even more odds and play once in a while, like a side bet.

I havent seen a follow up here.
Will you manage to make a profit with this system of yours, or you will blow all your winnings
before you hit again. This is the main question Smile
You have 100 more chances to win a bet again, but what are the odds on winning one like
this Smile

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