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In a public letter sent to the media, David Baazov (CEO of Amaya Gaming) announced that it will make an offer to sell PokerStars and FullTilt, making public the proposal so all cash (all cash). Baazov claimed to have met investors who prepared an offer of $ 14.98 per share, and delivery companies could become a reality in recent times. The offer would be around $ 2.8 billion.

I don't know where you had your information but i just googled Amaya and saw that Baazov want to privatize the company and made an offer to buy the all the shares to make it private.

He now have 18.6% of the shares and want to buy them all with some other investors. It never said that he want to sell stars and FT.

If you have other informations let me know where you got them. Confused Confused

Hopefully whoever buys it realizes they can still make a fortune and keep there players happy

I read it on pokernews, Baazov have already a lot of shares, and he is planing to buy 500k shares more, which will put him over 50% ownership of pokerstars and full tilt... it will not privatize all... so there will be again share holders, but now we have one that holds more than 50% which I hope it will be good...amaya bough pokerstars for around 6 billions if I am not wrong, and now they are selling ps and ft for 2.8B thats low...I wouldnt sell it because market will now grow more when americans come on ps and ft

Pygmalion69, when you make such an announcement without a preconception please cite your source(s).
That's a universal standard.

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Remember that this happens two years after Amaya buy him Rational Group sites by $ 4.9 billion, in an unprecedented move that rocked the world's expectations of online gambling. After many changes (including cessation of representation of several pros, changes in rake and benefits to players and casino platform and fantasy sports).

"Whereas the purchase of PokerStars was an operation based on debt, gains and innovation options were flooded by the priority to repay the debt," said Alex Dreyfuss, owner of the Global Poker Index. For now, the site shares took a good jump and jumped nearly 30% this morning.

Will we see another change in the domains of PokerStars?
I think if and soon.
And I think it's the best thing that can happen to PokerStars, especially considering the real poker players, because the reality is that since he took Amaya room charge destroyed the true sense of identity that had the site by adding all kinds betting that the real poker player hates.

Edited by Pygmalion69 (02 February 2016 @ 03:11 GMT)

Amaya destroyed PokerStars
To win more money became a vulgar casino by adding sports betting and casino gambling.
Mix everything and attracted many players who were not specific poker ruining the true sense of the room.
Site sports betting and online casinos are many, but PokerStars was different for being exclusive poker and marred them.
Hopefully sell it, they leave and not return again, those mobsters.
Amaya death! Thumbs Down

You two (or three, well, maybe five of you who are demographically close) have fun in your clique.

Hey, why is the sunlight less annoying to my eyes than artificial light, by the way?

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (02 February 2016 @ 06:22 GMT)

Clique? Question
How odd that says a Japanese, just remember the story to avoid making the same mistakes again Evil
You always controversial and disturbing the other Tony Sleepy
Get to build rather than destroy, so employ his time better Agree
I guess the sunlight bother you unless artificial light for two reasons: first because it is a native of the land of the rising sun and the second that should have small eyes stabbing jar Big Smile
However if the problem persists buy sunglasses and fix Tongue

I dont know which story is true, havent done a search to see what is going on Smile
The only thing that is sure is that this company is making money.
And they will continue making money for much longer.
SO any kind of investment here is a good investment.

You will soon realize what I am really capable of doing.

Another down vote by MaxiArma, one of the members of the clique. LMFAO!

Another one by LadyFloppy. Keep downvoting.

And by LucasGeo.

Is that all you got?

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (03 February 2016 @ 05:04 GMT)

What is your problem Tony?
You work for Amaya's bothering you that think against that company?
Opinions are free and have the right to disagree with the measures taken by that company and to express it
And that sounds like a threat, you think you act like a yakuza?
Who do you think you are to come here to torment us?

Posted by MaxiArma:
Who do you think you are to come here to torment us?

What did you exactly mean by "us"?

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (03 February 2016 @ 05:46 GMT)

"You two (or three, well, maybe five of you who are demographically close) have fun in your clique."

That you express and treat us contemptuously clique
It is believed that we might as well try to be South Americans?
Abusive you are and I do not want to talk more with you

"Clique" in my comment was used as a complimentary remark.
I did not mention anything derogatory.

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Maxi will no longer respond to this person
It makes no sense to continue this discussion
Attempt bother and that achievement
There are many good people in this forum
There are all the same to this person because God

Posted by Pygmalion69:
Attempt bother and that achievement

Totally incomprehensible.

Any reason for your negative rating on the post number 5, Mober?

I meant "Mobber."

Amazing, isn't it?

MaxiArma, thanks for your vote, again.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (03 February 2016 @ 11:05 GMT)

I gived you Thumbs Up to sort things little out...

That's very nice of you.

Lololol well looks like this post got derailed quickly.

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