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I am happy! Win $ 30 in the Mob Safe  +1   

I am happy! Win $ 30 in the Safe Mode

My lucky number was 451, is the second time in three years that can guess the number and I can now apply my third cash out to play poker
I hope to start my bankroll again because it was broken for some time now and almost did not play poker because I was very disappointed with my luck

Thanks BankrollMob !!!!!


Hi LadyFloppy,

Congratulations, you guessed the combination to the Mob Safe and won $30 !!

Your prize has already been deposited to your Mob Account as 3000 MobPoints.

Please note that it requires 5000 MobPoints before you can cashout your MobPoints. You can earn MobPoints by referring new users to, ie. friends/family/relatives etc. To see our points paytable, please go to your Mob Account-page and click the ´Paytable´ tab within the Affiliate box.

Best Regards,

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Wonderful Flor Worship
You who cursed by your bad luck, eventually just Aww crap!
Now they await good times and surely you'll be able to participate in tournaments both enjoy playing Dollar
Saw no evil that lasts forever or body that resists Big Smile
Congratulations and enjoy your prize Thumbs Up

nice lady floppy also I have seen that you won some nice tickets on pokerstars twitter page, actualy 2 in row... I hope you done well in those tournaments... you are preaty lucky, you could share some luck with me Tongue

Term bad luck
And you're on your third retirement and long before I started this site could hardly be removed once
Enjoy your money at the poker tables and multiply
You do good tournaments, and be happy Big Smile

Wonderful sister!
You'd have deserved, now I enjoy it
Playing the Sunday Storm on Sunday that both you like
It is always beneficial win a prize that will help you increase your bankroll Dollar

Congratz lady ! I wish your luck continue at poker table. But just don't think about luck when playing. Smile Just think about skill. Many player said poker is skill game Tongue But I know life is depend on luck, too. Not just skill.

Good luck

cool story, well i guess that your luck is a little bit bigger than mine... i still wake up at night and look at the moon wondering what the hell happened that i did not manage to open the mobsafe with no less than 800 attempts!
anyways, best of luck with your cashout at the tables, under the tables and in between the tables.

Thank you BankrollMob! Worship

It's my third retirement and always fulfilled his promise. Thumbs Up
I'm going to enjoy it on the poker tables. Dollar
I am very happy to belong to this forum. Big Smile


Date 2/5/2016 4:14:06 PM (GMT)
From BankrollMob
Subject Cashout request approved
Hi LadyFloppy,

Your cashout request of 5000 MobPoints (~$50) to account/e-mail [email protected] at N...... has now been approved and the funds should already be in your account.

Thank you for supporting BankrollMob!

Congrats on the win and fast cashout. Im still waiting for mine from two weeks ago

Lady Floppy... Truly a win of inspirational proportions a that inspires the rest of us to continue painstakingly attempting to get the safe lady to open up to our best of intentions as we tinker and prod with all our might of numbers but alas with little success. Enjoy your gains.

I'm trying this a few years and I could never win!
I believe I do not have luck with that but I will keep trying Worship Worship

Very nice, now good luck with your cash out at the tables. Always a good feeling to crack the mob safe with your lucky number, we all dream of it Big Smile

Well done Lady Floppy Worship Worship

BRM never fails always giving some thing back to the mobsters Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Hopefully you will turn this amount to a bigger one a be very pleased with your self ant it all started with the crack of the BRM safe

Those are my wishes to all of the winners and any of the BRM games Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile


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