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Good day guys!

Nice to meet you all here, and greetings from Latvia! I just requested 40$ for an action poker. So , at the moment i got about 120$ , just after playing few hours. My targets are, to clear up the upfront bonuses and reach the targer of 1000 Dollar before the new year. So that`s my marathon! What i am gonna to play ? That`s a ring games, and cheap overlay tournaments(up to 5$). Every few days i will right some comments here, and will discuss some hands and difficult decisions! Spade Club Heart Diamond Blink

Allways nice to see a blog Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

   0 man Aww crap!

good day imabluffya! Smile
very nice. good job!! Smile Smile continue to increse your bankroll Big Smile
W the game of poker and the texas holdem Spade Heart Club Diamond Blink

gday from australia mate.good to see someone kickn ass.keep up the good play an destroy the tables.welcome to the mob, mobster. Thumbs Up Big Smile

I see you are very ambicious. How long have you been playing before? It's very difficult to grow on Action poker 'cause there are only few players, but still most of them are fishes even on nl300 - and this is almost top level on this poker room. So good luck! Hope you could share some secrets of your success while going up to 1000 Dollar .

Hi guys!
Small news from me , and action poker Cool

So at the moment, my bankroll is about ~140$ dollars.And i got about, 440 POP points.If i understand correct, when i reach 700 POP points i will get 50$, and other 50$ with 1400 POP more ? ( or 700 POP more ?!)
I am playing only cash games at the moment. So how do i find fishes? I open 2-3 tables, and looking after people`s play. I make some notes, and then "join" the table.
The player`s skill is middle average, they bluff a lot , playing tight - what`s good for me. Question to admin, or ACTION POKER. What kind of poker office does the action poker support? If it will go with a Poker Tracker , it`s gonna be perfect. And how can i "convert" hands from AP Question So i could put some interesting hand here, for a discussion.
Question for today! Blink

You are on a big blind and u got a pair of Kings. The early position raises, and 2 more players from middle calling. You are giving bank, 1 player call. So you are only playing with 1 opponent. And the flop comes Ace Angry . What would you do in this situation ? I knew the player good, and i knew he will bluff. This moron wanted to pull me down with a pair of Fives Big Smile Confused

2 Medvedev i am playing about 3 years for now, but that`s a long story when i had to cashout all my bankroll for something.So now trying to get it back Smile

It is easy to find the fish. Go with your mouse on the name of the players. It showa his location. If it is canada you have found a fish.

You need a total of 1400 pops for the second bonus.

ijavascript:void Indsaetsmiley(' Angry')
javascript:void Indsaetsmiley(' Angry')n a few days i have cleard the bonus, and i will cash out..........action poker sucks

I got the 40$ bankroll on thursday night and now i got 400$. I've finished the bonus but i think i will continue playing on action poker for a while. I like the software and the action in the ring games suits me perfect and the tournaments have great value..GL see u at the tables!

Back to the blog!!

Thing is going quite well! I cleared up first 50$, and all together it`s about ~360$
Played few guaranted tourneys, but people playing there are really insane Big Smile

So i had about 12k stack, after rebuy period finished, and was going in 3d position out of ~20 players. So i had AKs on a button, and 2 limpers before me, i raised the pot, both call. Flop came K J 2 , 1 player moved all in and i made easy call. He showed, JQ and J comes on the river. I am not trying to say that that`s a bad beat or something, thats just a worse people playing skill and that`s it. I don`t care, i will finish in money next time Agree
So my plans are playing 2 tables 25nl(does anyone knows how to minimize them?) , with a short stack strategy. Good luck all, and see you on the tables!

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Good day 2 evryone!

I am nearly to my 1/2 marathon ! Got 450$ already. And i cleared up the second bonus as well. So will see how it`s gonna be. Still playing 25nl , sometimes catch fishes from a higher limits. Good luck and have fun guys Blink

P.S. i will attach my account statement to prove my words Big Smile

Edited by imabluffya (07 October 2008 @ 22:58 GMT)

Very nice bro you make money very easy Worship Worship Worship Worship

Congratulations! Now your stack is big enough to play the stable game on NL25 with full stack. Seems to my that I've seen you at the tables but don't remember if we played raised hands together. So continue eating fish, shark).

Congrats and good luck to you. I just finished requesting the same bonus but am only up to $50 so far after about an hour of play. Keep grinding away I guess.

What`s UP!

So that`s sounds insane Big Smile But i catch fishes all the way round.
Have a look. It`s been only about 5-6 days when i requested my bankroll at action poker. Now i got 670 Dollar So if the things will be alright, i will catch my marathon finish within 2 weeks time.So i got 330 Dollar left. Here are my results. Blink Still playing cash games, but it`s not good that i can not use Poker Tracker. That`s why i make notes on the players Tongue

Attached Imagesresult.JPG

Very nice work imabluffya - impressive Worship

I've moved your thread to the "Blog"-subforum, you might be able to get a few more readers that way Smile

Cool. More than 2 weeks past. Did you reach your goal? Anyway very interesting blog. Are you still playing on action poker? Keep on winning)

Impressive results imabluffya. Good luck!

Seems that you're not playing on action poker anymore? So where are you now? Did you decide to take a break? You started so great...

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