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I finally achieved  +4   
After 3½ years could open the safe for the first time Worship
Just earn the bare minimum $ 20
But as I used to score points and get closer to my goal next cash withdrawal, that with patience I hope to achieve Thumbs Up

I finally did it, Now you can stop complaining that never dragged them no good
I hope your luck too back in the poker tables
The good times are soon to come
Misfortune does not last a lifetime

i have 2 years no safe no draw. i spent 4205 mob points to buy the tickets 500 in one sunday or less but no luck. I won a few times 50 safe shots and no succes. others are lucky they won several times
in safe or draw. good for them. i hope in the near future to win in draw and safe. gj guys

well that just shows to everyone that hard work pays off- never ever and ever get discouraged by the tasks that you face, by the wall s that your need to brake with a hammer, mallet and sheer sweat, just do it! and who knows maybe after 2 years of hard work you will also get a $20 return for your efforts.

Congratz man, and keep trying, if u did it once u can do it again, unlike me who has never tried to take the vault heads on, i cant expect to crack it Big Smile we have a joke about a guy praying every single day to god, to help him to win the lotto, so one night god comes to him in his dream and says to him "U wanna hit the lotto, u really wanna??? then go buy a ticket u cheap skate, so that i can help you" Big Smile

Congratz !! you already crack 1st, wish the 2nd will come soon Smile And enjoy your nice feeling crack it.
I already forget that feeling Big Smile and don't know how to choose number cause very confuse . feel like do for nothing. Aww crap! Aww crap!

Well done mate, I hope you will not have to wait another three and a half yrs to crack the mob safe again... good luck for reaching min amount for cashout request.

Thanks to all
For their good wishes
I want the time to come will be better and bad luck has finally ended
Now try to be positive in everything
Cheers Thumbs Up

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

What a nice feeling MaxiArma no matter the amount the rush of winning is powerfull and great sensation.
That feeling is what every player in all kind of games search and hope to get Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Hopefully your good "fortune"will carry on and the winning strike just begun Worship Worship

Stay cool ;be happy and enjoy life

Yup, patience and volume usually pay in the end Blink

I must have used over 1000 mobsafe shots since the last time I have been able to open it. Sometimes volume isn't enough, you need luck too Big Smile Just like poker! Hopefully it won't take me 1000 more to open it xD

Good luck guys!

I opened it recently won $ 30 and allows me to my second cash withdrawal
Spend a lot of shots, but it was worth, I never had the luck to open it with a few shots
Twice in two years is not bad average
I hope my next time is soon

it is the best feeling xD
i won the draw and safe multiple times
but cracking the safe felt like a better achievement
congrats on cracking your first safe , hopefully so many to come
best of luck fellow mobster

yup and a very long time since u won that vault and wonder why its been to hard to get that the correct numbers ..anyway congratulations on your wining and more winnins to come ,good luck guys... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Congratulations Cool well done.
I have only open that door once and I know it feels great.
I wish you good luck and hope you can open it again soon.
Cool Cool Cool

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