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Does Anybody Want To Get Money On 888...  0   
...but doesn't want to pay the high exchange rates to deposit...?

Big Smile< ...I have $40 USD on 888 Poker and need to get it to either PokerStars, Full Tilt, or Partypoker...

If anybody has $USD on any of those sites, but not 888 and would want to trade,...we can do a player transfer. It doesn't have to be $40 exactly.... Maybe a few folks have a few $$$ they would trade...!

...My username on all the sites is the same... demodawggy

...Post your username up here so I can see it and tell me how much you sent (up to $40) and I'll send that amount to your 888 account...

Here's a chance for pinotte or somebody to get some exchange rate free funds into 888... and HOPEfully Fat Tony or the boys won't yank my thread... Smile Thumbs Up

Thanks guys...! Good site that 888... LOTS of promos and goodies...!

Edited by demodawggy (13 February 2016 @ 18:35 GMT)

Hi mate, have your $40 on Pokerstars if you want Blink

...Oh Hey PK dude...! Let's do it...!

Type your 888 username here so I can see exactly... Smile Thumbs Up

Oupsss... only $30 forgot the 7 days rules
DemonWolf666 Smile


...what is the 7 days rule...?

electronic transfer from bank account


...Oh I see...! Smile Thumbs Up I figured something like that...

Okay $30 is great... When will you be able to send it...?

Already sent Blink
Receive in 888.
Good luck at the table Blink

Edited by PokerKing76 (13 February 2016 @ 19:00 GMT)


... Big Smile< Oh HEY.... Thanks my friend,...that worked out just fine...! Just one of the small benefits of being a BrM member in good standing...! ALTHOUGH,......I do believe we just 'got away with' a no no here... Big Smile

... Big Smile< I have $10 left to trade,....anybody else...? Cool Thumbs Up

Sorry buddy i would have help u a bit and took a piece from your hands on 888 in return for some Dollar on fulltilt, but i wanna withdraw some money from FT i need some dolaros to pay some bills, the electricity bill is killing me, always this time of the year they pump the bill sky high coz they know its heating season, but its so corrupt, the people caught them stealing and still they got away unpunished coz the government owns 49% of the power company.
Sorry bud, i really wish i could have help u bit here, it pains me not to be able, coz u my buddy.

yes me too if ever i withdraw my money on that pokerstars long time ago maybe i should be giving some helpful loan to those who needs ,someday ill play poker and make sure my winnings put directly in my account for sure goodluck guys... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile


... Big Smile< Hey guys,.... I have another $30 US Dollars on 888 if anybody wants to make a trade for that much, or less.

... Big Smile< I would prefer to get some $$$ into my PartyPoker,...but into either PS or FT would be alright too...!

... Big Smile< My username on all 4 sites is the same....: demodawggy

... Big Smile< If you need to get some exchange rate free US Dollars into your 888 account and want to trade, leave your 888 username here, and make sure it's correctly spelled...!

Smile Thumbs Up

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