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Here are the result of thee Sunday BRM rumble freeroll on Party Poker were the 5th first players are winning a $109.00 ticket. I played it and got out very early which i explained in another thread. Congratulations to all winners and a special one to demodawggy who was the bubble boy. I did not count is near win but he is there very often.

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why would you say that??? makes you look like the dickhead buddy.... Angry Angry Angry

... Big Smile< Well obviously buddy has his little girl training panties in a bunch for SOME reason or other...

... Big Smile< I probably clobbered him bad at some point or other... Big Smile< heheeeeEEEEEeeeeeeee....

...but ya,...that sucks.... I got a 7th a few weeks back, I'm makin' progress...!!! Big Smile Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< Thanks guys...! Thumbs Up

Edited by demodawggy (14 February 2016 @ 21:42 GMT)

Posted by callie28:
why would you say that??? makes you look like the dickhead buddy.... Angry Angry Angry

He was upset by demos play in another thread a little while back. Surely thought hed be over it by now but obviously not


... Big Smile< He probably just needed a venue to get that off his chest...!

... Big Smile< ...and talking of getting things off chests... I JUST HAPpen to have a wee CLIP of SickJoe (aka Dieter) getting off with his Heart'friend' Heart at das 'club'

Posted by SickCallJoe:
ahaha seems we have a deserved bubble boy here...made my day! Cool Big Smile Worship

Aha,it seems someone is upset with our Demo. C'mon tall us all what he's done to you.

I want to play, but not yet have an account at Party Poker because Argentines we were not allowed
I'll make my own using this product to play these freerolls that are very good
Being able to play a tournament of $ 109 buy-in for free is an incredible option

i am very happy. almost like a little girl. imagine the bad experience for the other players who put up 109 $ if demostally would have won the ticket.

but with his scared style he would prob not cash anyway Big Smile

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... Big Smile< I'm no psychiatrist or anything near that,...but rather merely Beaker,...the faithfull Lab Assistant to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew,....but I DO detect a few early onset hints of 'sociopathy' from the subject 'Sick' Joe.... Tongue

Unlucky demo. Bubbling in such a tourney is such a stinky thing to happen. We really need to get a regular in the top five. There is another one next week so let's see if any of us can achieve this. Good luck to you all and enjoy your week until then.

sick demo... thats just unlucky... hope you will get it next week Blink

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