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Just a few days away from the biggest Full Tilt online poker series and the proof this we do is not a joke.

In the past few days ive armed myself with bunch of tickets for tournys so im ready to go plus there will be a Leaderboard and thats the fun of it. It will b my first participation in FTOPS and im realy excited to play Smile

One of the good things is - if u have spare 20$ to deposit with code FTOPS you will get a chance FTOPS Jackpot where on your deposit u can instantly win a 500 $ main event ticket. I dont hold my breath to win one so easy but that 50$ turny ticket sounds good enough 2. And theres plenty of ways and satelites for each and everyone to find yourself there.

Be sure to visit their site, promos and all about this year FTOPS to see what to expect.

Best of luck for all who gona play Thumbs Up

FTOPS is a tourney I have not yet played. It sounds a nice promo to get a chance at a ME ticket..... I will take a look at what is available and see if I can find time to play some of the tourneys on offer. I really need to get back into playing some proper tourneys.

same thing for me, still not yet played my first FTOPS event. The buy in now compared to what it was before black Friday is better but indeed the guaranteed prize pool is lowered too. I don't care about the prize, I just want to win any of them even if the 1st prize is $100...

I will play Event 1 and 2.
FTOPS is not so big as early((

I still haven't found time to play any FTOPS games yet. I don't think I am going to be able to find time either. I really must sort out some priorities and get a load of poker in. There is so much to do and so little time. Tomorrow I will work out a schedule of play and try to stick to it for a couple of weeks.

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