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Hi everyone,

I've seen a banner several times advertising pokerstars freerolls for BankrollMob members. Could someone please fill me in on the details and where to find this freerolls?


im Afraid u are 2 late bro, thise freerolls does not longer exist and leaderboard of it the same. Some dickhead in PS headquaters desided they are not wellcome any more.

Dang. That sucks.

You are a bit late for it. Smile With recent changes the sites decided no to host the
BRM freerolls anymore.
If that merge happens between the two sites, things may change though Smile
So you never know.

The January 1, 2016 PokerStars freerolls suspended BankrollMob
In an arbitrary and absurd decision Amaya left us without freerolls and not full quarterly paytable
The best room BankrollMob Freeroll today is Party Poker

The merge will be either good or bar in terms of new promotions.
After that point, there will be one promotion only.
They may put some good deals up, cause for sure there will be lots of players disappointed .

And if there is a shake in their player base, income etc, they may reinstate the freerolls,
or anything else that they did stop Smile

Its bad its all bad, its all gone to hell, i faking hate that jokestars place, now im gona lose the only room i enjoyed playing FT, come onnnnnnnn ffs how greedy can some people be, faking hate those cuunts.
Sorry buddy but i had to get rid of the stress some how, i know that did not help answer your question, but heres my answer now and i hopw it help u.
Its overrrrrrrr its the end of the wooooooorld fakki... Big Smile sorry i guess i had little steam left in me Big Smile ok now...
The freerolls are over both on jokestars and FT, since one guy an "ahole" who doesnt know the first thing bout poker all hes intrested is his shares and stocks, so they decided to quit the freerolls.
But dont despair, there are still the freerolls on Duck poker "good luck taking your money out if u make any on their room" and partypoker freerolls once a week and couple of 109x5 ticket freerolls those i dont know how many run in one week.
If BRM doesnt act soon, and do something, i think it will be over and a lot of people will change sites, and who knows what else.
Thats in a nutshell whats happening here, and lets hope somethings will change for the better, i had my fair share of bad news

Party Poker freerolls speak very good
Having the chance to win a ticket to $ 109 is very good
And if you can then make a great tournament with the ticket won, it would be something great
Particularly in Duck Poker, I do not like to play

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