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Hey there Smile

I have recived my 25 dollars at pacific now and have turned it up to 258 dollar ( 2 days ).

Still hanging around at the lowest tables. It has been very easy for me to win at these tables. This is partly because I have been running good and gotten lucky with the cards. But it is also because the players there have loads of leaks.

A big common leak is that people do not raise often enough before the flop. There are plenty of reasons for raising instead of limping in:

You might steal the blinds

Your hand can be of the type that plays better against few opponents (QQ-88 for example)

A raise usually gives more information than limping in

You want to build big pots with your good hands

Punish the limper's that want to see a cheap flop with their speculative hands

The players that I face at the lowest tables can be divided into three groups:

The people who never raises before the flop. It is usually so that these guys never raise after the flop as well. The only good thing about playing like this is that it makes you hard to read. But you do not want to play like this since you miss out on all the benefits listed above.

The second group of players raises sometimes before the flop, but they also limp in a lot. These players may for example play 20% of their hands but only raise with 4% of their hands. The problem with playing like this is that they give away to much information about their hand.

The third type of players will when choosing to play also choose to raise about 75% to 100% of the times. These players are pretty rare at the lowest tables but since this strategy combines the best of two worlds it is also the most profitable. You get all the benefits of the raise without getting too predictable.

I always try to play so that I end up in the third group. This means that I will mostly raise when playing a hand. I will however limp in occasionally, for example with speculative hands like T8s and low pockets. But the circumstances must be correct i.e. late position and some players that already have limped in giving me good pot odds.

Good luck to all the players here, and never stop grinding Big Smile

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Hi body!
Nice to meet you here Thumbs Up Good luck at the tables! Blink

Wow building a bankroll at thoose low limits is very good. How long do play when you do sit down to play? Do you play at multible tables or just one?

My feeling when playing real low limit poker is that there are two groups of players.
First the one who made their first deposit and are trying to learn the game. aka Fishes. Calls almost everyhand and gets lucky from time to time. They also concider an A with any other card to be so good they have to call all the way to river.

The 2nd group are the once who been up on higher limits and lost most of their bankroll. They play very aggressive and are quiet rude at the table. I call them Tiltmen


Nice to meet you to! Big Smile

Hey man.

I play 0.25-0.50, right now sitting on 2 table, 101 dollar vs 150 dollar. I almost everytime goes in Shortstacked, now i went in whit 50 vs 50 on the two table.

Lots of fishes right now Smile

se you at the tables Big Smile Smile Blink Cool

good job mister UThinkSo..the swedish players are formidable....very nice!! Blink good luck at the tables Blink Spade Club Heart Diamond

I think many scandinavian poker player are good players, norway danish swedish finland Smile
On PKR there are not so many so.... Worship Worship Worship Worship

yeah keep up the good work at the tables.turn that$200 into $20000,takem foer all there worth.survive the downswin and you make alot of money.goodluck. Thumbs Up


concordo sul fatto che gli scandinavi ( svedesi ) in particolare, siano giocatori molto forti, forse anche per la loro capacità di mantenere la freddezza nelle situazioni di stress.

Però giocando a limiti bassi ed in solo due giorni o sei un fenomeno o hai anche un sedere esagerato Blink

LoooL 200$ haha))))
If you won 10'000$ I sad that u good at poker//// Confused Confused Confused
200$ - good money only for children in my country!!!

Not bad, I'm doing good too with my money ;D Keep up the good work, maybe we meet at the tables cus I'm @ pacific too.

whats ur acc name in there?

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