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Finally i win something on PS. Have really bad stats on PS.
Reason for that is because on stars i play draw games and i play these small tourneys just to something going on beetween hands on draw tables.Just focus on these tables,not care to much for tourneys.
My stats on other sites are much better.
So yesterday after few bad beats and losing over 50$ bucks on draw games ,i decide transfer money on FullTilt and stay with 2,20 $. So i decide spend my last money on some tourney and focus on just that.Small field and low buy in,not big reward,but i am happy finally win some mtt on PokerStars

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you are probably the most mobster who like to play many different type of poker games
other than NLH or PLO .. i don't play nothing no more
maybe i should get back to some HORSE or 8-Game tournaments
nice win there , you got the money you lost and little more extra
4 hours + for 1st place , it is not that bad ..
good luck

I start with draws games,than all variance of omaha.Last year i start study stud games,first i hate stud games.Now its on variance cash tables are my primary game and really enjoy in all stud games. Love mixed games and all variance of poker.Win alot tourneys of play money in all games.Its good way to learn game and fun time spend to play with americans Big Smile

Perhaps you should change your game, if you see that you are not getting any good results there.
I believe draw games are more risky, but thats of course my personal opinion.
The most profitable game for me so far was omaha h/l in ring games.

I have played many of different games in freeroll and won some tickets for the Sat. or Sunday tournaments. There are so many players in those two that it is very hard to make good money in them.

My favourite games are Badugi and 2/7 one draw don't like the triple draw. The 5 cards draw is also nice to play. I was also playing the other ones but did not like as much. But never played any of them for money.

Congratulation for your win the 8 games is a difficult one and finishing first is a very good achievement. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Congratz for your win ! I don't know others game, just know NL holdem, so I didn't know how feeling
change game, maybe good for refreshing . I just think not easy to win that game you played ( always Smile

nice 80$ for 2,20 Blink nice Big Smile

Well done komso!
I prefer other games on stars too,i dont like softer for holdem here.

Thanks guys...
If my english is good, i am explaim my strategy for each game on tourneys and cash tables.
From lose agressive to nit in every phase of game and variance.
More agressive on omaha hi lo to nit on omaha hi.careful and passive on nl holdem to donk bets on fl holdem etc...

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