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Hey guys!

On the facebook partypoker canada community forum page, Colette Stewart is giving away tickets for this week's 7 PM (East coast time). Just scroll down the page, she's actually doing 2 giveaways for us. (I got a ticket for tonight's #18 powerfest from liking/sharing her facebook post)

To be applicable you need to play in 4 from 6 available events and claim your ticket – applicable events are as follows #10, #14, #18, #22, #26 and #30.

Once you have played 4 of these 6, you get a free 11$ ticket, all you have to do is tell which 4 of these events you've played to Colette in the facebook group. So basically, you are 100% sure to win a 11$ ticket to event #33 if you participate to #18 #22 #26 and #30. (if you are member of the facebook group)

Other one is a standard share/like competition. Everyday there's 2x 5,50$ ticket for people who share/like the daily giveaway post (we're at #3 giveaway today). Only the last 4 events remain so you need to play them all to get the 11$ ticket.

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thanks for the hint Smile $22 to get $11 not bad Thumbs Up

I'm in the last 4 just in time.

Tonight's #18 event is at 18:00 PM, it just started!

Wow, I like my table tonight Smile

28K stack 13th Big Smile

Got rivered by a guy with AK high for 75% of my stack with top pair, then lost the next hand with AQs! GL King Smile

ITM and almost chip leader on 888 freeroll tho Smile

I like freeroll at 888 ITM almost everyday Smile

Do you try Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum?

Hey you Canadians! This is a very nice promotion. I haven't seek Facebook for a day or two so wondering off there now to the UK forum to see if anything like this is going down for us Brits in the house. Good luck and I hope you all win some nice freebies and look forward to seeing you all at the Powerfest tables.

I'm in again tonight, I'll keep you updated during first break in 2 hours Blink

Hey pokerking!

I mostly play the wheel freerolls on 888. Smooth call, Raises the stakes and super action hero or something. lol. Yesterday I was first for a while but then I lost like 5 hands in a row it was brutal xD

I'm 5th/386 now in powerfest #22, late reg still on for an hour so I'm just gonna sit on my stack and hope I hit big flops Big Smile


Got my free 11$ ticket for Sunday's powerfest event #33, exactly at the same time as BRM freeroll so it's perfect for me Smile

Colette Stewart definetly getting us some nice promotionss! I'm happy to see that Pokerking is gonna be able to benefit from them too ^^

Good luck on the tables mobsters!!

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