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Nice PLO session on 888  0   
I had only 2,27$ USD left on 888 so I decided to go gamble it on some 2c/5c pot limit omaha ring games (45.5BBs stack). After only 3 hands I managed to triple up, doing a semi-bluff with a "wrap" on a mid range flop and turning the nuts! (pretty standard play in PLO) Then I quickly went up to 11$. After that I kept getting hands and my opponents kept playing really bad, it was quite funny. I did lose some big pots but managed to get my chips back everytime. Crazy table. Flop top set and get 3 callers on dry boards they're all calling with air Big Smile

After an hour or so I ended up with 36,50$ (730 BBs), so now I got a lil BR to work with at 888!

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Lol preatz nice.... you got more than 10x your bankroll... preaty nice Big Smile spend it wisely now Blink maybe you should consider playing more pot limit omaha, it seems its your game Blink

well done, sometimes in Omaha you can win a lot of hands in a short time, it's like a crazy wave. The more hands you play the crazier the ride will be.

Playing tight can be frustrating if you miss all those wonderful straights and fullhouses, but I think it really works in cash game. But sometimes you need to take some risk to win a big pot, sometimes it's better not to take a risk at all, LOVELY OMAHA, just lovely..

I made my 888 account not via brm sadly and I forgot my log in, maybe I have to recover my password again...

GL and don't tilt please!

Tilt? What's that? Blink

Mostly everyone who bought in with 5$ was gunning for me cause of me big stack. They were calling with hands they shouldn't call with, hoping I would go on tilt and donk my stack if I get sucked out once. Typical cash games Smile Well luckily for me that didn't happen. When I got over 30$ I started playing like a nit. Hit the nuts a couple more times and left the table Blink

PLO is full of action so when I feel like gambling that's what I do Smile

Impressive. Thats why they say a chip and a chair, and you had a bot more that a chip Smile
Since you got so good results three keep playing this game.
If you could do the same profit every day in the same time, what more do you need Smile

Congratz on the good run snap poker is the way to go for cash games with 888 I had a similar run a week ago had small bankroll from free rolls $2.50 started playing .02/.05 kept shoving with premium hands half hour later bankroll $24 good luck with future games Dollar Thumbs Up

And my good streak of Pot limit omaha continues! I just won 10 more bucks on 888 in a little 1 table session. Some guy kept betting pot and calling raises with air. One time I had 551010 and flop came 634 so when he bet pot I went for a semi bluff and raised pot, considering I had nuts blockers. When he shoved I had to call cause I was commited and somehow my pair of 10 was good and held untill the river Big Smile

Then I flopped the nut straight with 63 (452 flop) and he gave me his stack again with 1 pair Shock

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Probably one of these players playing omaha exactly like they do play holdem. Smile
With a little bit of luck you can get paid really good of them, over and over.
These are the players you tag in omaha and looking for them on the tables Smile

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