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This is what i got from wincake.
They cancelled my cashout which i had, from December of 2014, for some silly excuse,
as you will see below, and now i have to choose, to either stay in cake and request again the cash out
or go to Juicy accepting the ridiculous terms of theirs....

Thank you for your email. Your account has now been moved to Juicy Stakes, if you had a pending withdrawal I’m afraid this has now been canceled.

Due to the significant cashout times experienced by Wincake players over the past year Juicy Stakes is offering WinCake players a new place to enjoy their gaming and to also earn full access to their funds - something players have been unable to enjoy for some time due to the activities of past network sites on the Revolution Poker Network.

if you accept the Juicy Stakes T&Cs below, they will turn your WinCake account into a Juicy Stakes account, giving you a starting balance and setting your account on a 55% rakeback deal.

How to accept the Juicy Stakes offer and T&Cs:

• Contact the Juicy Stakes Live Support team (email support, phone or live chat).

• Supply your WinCake player account details to their support agents

(username and email address).

• Accept the Juicy Stakes offer and T&Cs.

After this has been done, their support team will open your Juicy Stakes account, set it on a 55% rakeback deal and credit your account with an opening balance. Your WinCake account will then be permanently closed.

Terms & Conditions

Your WinCake player account will be turned into a Juicy Stakes player account upon contacting the Juicy Stakes support team and accepting these T&Cs. Your WinCake account will then be permanently closed.

Your current WinCake player balance will be blocked and renamed ‘Revolution Balance’.

Your Juicy Stakes account will be set on a 55% rakeback deal. The rakeback you receive will be deducted from your ‘Revolution Balance’ and credited to your Juicy Stakes player account.

Only earned rakeback will be available for withdrawals until your ‘Revolution Balance’ has been cleared. This is how you earn full access to your ‘Revolution Balance’ (WinCake funds that you could not withdraw before). Casino games will not contribute to clearing the ‘Revolution Balance’.

You will be given a starting balance. This starting balance will be deducted from your ‘Revolution Balance’.

You have to generate a net rake (gross rake minus rakeback minus bonuses) of 150% of the amount that you receive as a starting bankroll before you are able to withdraw. For example, if you receive a starting balance of $10 to start playing, you have to accumulate a net rake of $15 before you can start withdrawing.

After you have earned back your ‘Revolution Balance’, your rakeback deal of 55% will be removed. If you then want to continue on a 36% rakeback deal (Network standard deal), then you need to request it by contacting the Juicy Stakes support team.

If you run out of funds, you have to deposit and play in order to clear your ‘Revolution Balance’. After agreeing to the Juicy Stakes T&Cs and accepting that your WinCake account is turned into a Juicy Stakes account, there is no way to reverse the process. You are then subject to the Juicy Stakes T&Cs and the Juicy Stakes Terms of Service.

You may choose not to accept this proposal. In this case your WinCake account will remain a WinCake account and you will remain subject to the WinCake T&Cs.

Players who do not accept the Juicy offer will be allowed to continue to access poker via the Cake client and may request cashouts. Players must be aware that the processing times for withdrawals on Cake can be delayed however it is Cake’s intention to ensure that all players do eventually receive their funds.

Edited by Mober (02 March 2016 @ 18:42 GMT)

They could have saved a lot of words by just writing: we will not pay you.

So you have the choice between one room, that will not pay you, and jumping through a lot of loops, to join another room in the network, that most likely will not pay you.

Yes something like that.
Since i didnt accept to move to Juicy they should have let my cash out queued.
But of course it was more convenient for them.
Not that it makes sense though.

In the second option, they will give me bonus money, from my money of course,
which i will have to rake to clear, money already earned.
And they are not telling me how much they will give me as a bonus to start with....

And since im in the middle having not accepted either, i dont even have access to the poker client


If they had the money to pay all of their players, they wouldn't need to pull that stunt. So don`t expect any money from Wincake. The whole revolution network is a mess for years now. I guess you can kiss your money goodbye.

lol so ridic...

they changed the name of the network to know,I think,as if it will really make any different,from what I know,the most reliable site there is intertops,at least they pay.

So bad experience mober, but since you have chance to take your money ( even just half and have to get some rake back ) why not you try it. I had worse experience from face up gaming ( USA ). just closed and didn't pay me and no option like you get.

Not that easy serpang deciding what to do here.
Besides the fact that i will have to rake my own money with this outrageous percentage in this
occasion, juicy poker is not a site either known for the bets of service, cash outs etc.
They are too having problems in cash outs.
So going through a playthrough, to reach a point being on hold again to get that money...

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