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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winners specially to IVANJKP a new forum reg. who managed to go ITM. I played it and got out by a guy that went all in a few times i had A K and he shoved i tried him and he show 2 6s he it straight on the turn and flush on the river. I still had chips and little bit later he again shoved i had K Q and called this time he had A X and i did not it so that was my tournament. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

congrats to ivan, I was doing reaty good, was in top 15 all the time since begining... first half hour I was first... but than I hit set of 6s, but other player had full house... I didnt put him on full house and got to call his shove... and i was out like 30 something...

I joined the game at the first break last night and before doing so saw PINOTTE in the top 20. Having registered, I saw that he had dropped to one of the last players in the tourney. This must have been his experience of being beaten by 62 as above. I had a topsy turbo game and bombed out in a position I can't even remember.

Again I was out early this time but mostly due to bad luck. Super aggro vilain hit middle set when I hit top pair with a small suited ace and then made 2 pairs on the turn... Not much I could do to dodge that. The way the hand was played It felt like he had an ace with a big kicker but instead he had QQ ^^

I shall do better next week! Good luck people!

Thank you Smile
again i manage to go ITM 3/3 time in this tournament
Dont have luck on FT first hand i got AJ on cut off go all in and SB have AK table is blank and gg
was great tour see you all in next one Smile

Congratz ivan Smile Thumbs Up and sorry for you pinotte Smile Don't worry you always have chance next time or tomorrow Smile so don't hit your head too much Big Smile Big Smile ( learn to fold that hand, when - why - ? Blink
I am not sure you always play the hand like that Smile

The next weekend I'll play my first tournament freerolls on PartyPoker BankrollMob
We see what happens and what level meeting of play, I hope to train a bit with some tournaments these days to get to know the software, which in every room is different.
Good luck to all, we will find at the tables PartyPoker next weekend

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